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Phoebe Robinson Wants ‘Everything’s Trash’ Fans to Admire the ‘Missing B**ch’ Within!

Phoebe Robinson’s only concern is that everyone enjoys themselves. Freeform’s new comedic series Everything’s Trash has been in the works for several years with one purpose in mind:

to make people laugh again.  When asked about her attempts to start the sitcom in 2015, Robinson told ET that she was “this close” to success several times. As a result of three years of production.

“It is extremely exciting and I hope that people love this program and that it resonates with them,” she said of the series’ arduous journey, which included reshooting the pilot episode after first filming in California rather than New York City.

The Truth Is Rather Different?

Phoebe Robinson Wants 'Everything's Trash' Fans to Admire the 'Missing B**ch' Within!

In a world where disaster seems to be just around the corner, the show’s central conceit is one that can be understood by a wide range of viewers. Her alter persona, Phoebe Hill, is in her early 30s, a time when most people assume “you have life figured out,” as Robinson noted.

However, the truth is rather different. According to her, “Adulthood is ever-changing and you go through numerous evolutions of yourself,” was her goal for the overall concept of Everything’s Trash. “I’m well aware that there is a lot of pressure on Black women to “represent” and “live” in a certain way.

There are specific requirements for the style of your hair. Your body has to be a certain thing. ‘Well, no,’ I was thinking at the time.” Insecure’s Issa Dee, who practically nailed the art of the messy heroine, will be Phoebe’s inspiration for the show’s central character, who is a mess.

They’re Two Completely Different Series.

Even though they’re two completely different series, they both have one thing in common: the main character’s humanity. For Robinson, that’s the ultimate draw. “I think it would be interesting to just portray a real person, one who has flaws and is, in my opinion, amusing.

A person who is in a relationship and who isn’t perfect but yet values and cherishes their individuality, “she explained. “‘Oh, you can only love yourself if you’re perfect,’ I suppose society thinks. And it’s like, no, love yourself through the whole dirty process. No, no.

If this is the case for the audience, I’d really like to see a lot of laughter because I am a huge fan of comedies. People can laugh and feel vulnerable in these kinds of shows.“Jordan Carlos, who plays Phoebe’s elder brother Jordan, is a longtime friend of Robinson’s, and she credits the cast for much of the show’s success.

Phoebe And Jayden Are the Key Relationships in The Show.

Phoebe Robinson Wants 'Everything's Trash' Fans to Admire the 'Missing B**ch' Within!

” the actress said. “I believe it’s a love letter to my brother and a reflection of our connection. We’re always there for each other, and we love each other sincerely, despite our constant teasing.” Toccara Cash portrays Malika Jones, Toccara Cash portrays Michael Baker, Moses Storm portrays Michael Baker, and Jessie Ajayi-Hill portrays Jessie Ajayi-Hill portrays Jayden Ajayi-Hill (played by Nneka Okafor).

All of them contribute to the story of adolescence and maturity told in the show. “There were so many grownup parts of sisterhood that I wanted to depict that you go, “Oh, snap.” in your head. Okay. This has to be done right away. Like, ‘I can no longer play games,'” “Robinson had the same opinion. Of all, no scene would be complete without mentioning Brooklyn, the show’s central character.

Who’s Lived in Brooklyn for “20 Years?

In the words of Robinson, who’s lived in Brooklyn for “20 years,” the show is more realistic than past depictions of the neighborhood. “If you’ve ever been in New York City and you’ve heard people talk about how “we all have a loft apartment in SoHo,” you’ve probably been like, “Who is that?”

That was not my path, though “she went on to say. As a result, the program, which is based on Robinson’s book, Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay, is heavily influenced by Robinson’s own path. Because “TV is such a collaborative effort,” Robinson said she wasn’t concerned about using her own life as a source of material for the show.

“I was just like, ‘Yeah, let’s like change it up and like get some experiences out there,'” she revealed. “It was interesting to see personal experiences mixed in with the hysteria conjured up by the show’s creators. It was nice to have the right amount of variety.”


Phoebe Robinson Wants 'Everything's Trash' Fans to Admire the 'Missing B**ch' Within!

Aside from this being awesome, Robinson joins the ranks of Black women like Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Halle Berry, Issa Rae, and the recently Emmy-nominated Quinna Brunson as a hat-juggler both in front and behind the camera. “It’s really refreshing! I’m happy to be a member of such a terrific group of people “When questioned about the experience of being included on such a list, Robinson was candid.

“Because I am a true artist at heart, I enjoy being a part of every step of the process. It’s as though you pick up so much knowledge and it all feeds into one another. That’s when it dawned on me how much I enjoy my job as an executive producer. I’m a big fan of being on the set and witnessing other people’s work come together.

” Then she said, “My opinion is that today is an excellent time for creators in general, rather than waiting for a network to appreciate their work. The two of us started out doing stand-up and podcasting, and Quinta started out doing Buzzfeed videos and being hilarious and doing stand-up, as well.

This Is What Makes It Seem so Specific:

It’s also exciting to see people like Nicole Byer and Issa Rae in the mix.” Certainly, it hasn’t been an easy ride. She said getting her foot in the door when others don’t want to listen has been her most difficult challenge. Betting on yourself takes more time, but it also speeds up the process, she noted.

According to what she went on to say, “Getting people to believe in you can be a challenge because they’re unsure of your abilities. So, what exactly can you do to help?’ This is what makes it seem so specific: because you’re placing the wager on yourself, you’re sharpening your abilities, developing your personality, and discovering your calling.”

She asserted that it is your ability to be particular that attracts others to your table. As an example, “If you look at a show like South Side, it’s so funny because it’s so distinct and they weren’t trying to fit the mold of something else,” she said. “We’re going to tell this narrative that we know is humorous and someone else will grab onto it,” they said simply. So I think it’s a good thing when you can demonstrate your own abilities.”

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Phoebe Robinson Wants 'Everything's Trash' Fans to Admire the 'Missing B**ch' Within!

What is the most important piece of advice that the actress has for aspiring Black creatives? Take advantage of the opportunities that multi-hyphenation provides. It’s easy to forget “one-note roads” in Hollywood because they’re so common, she added.

“If you can become a writer/director, a writer/performer, and learn how to produce for yourself, then you will always eat.”  “By the time you reach the age of 35, your career as an actor will be over. If you’re older than 25, you aren’t going to get a look on the big screen.

It’s not their intention for us to be able to say anything of value or to contribute anything of value back. As a result, [use multiple hyphens if it makes the most sense to you] Rather than waiting for confirmation from another else, you learn to affirm your own yeses instead.”


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