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“Summer House” Star Andrea Denver Reveals His Absence from The Show’s 7th Season!

Taking some time off. When it came time to start filming, Andrea Denver talked openly about his choice to sit out of season 7.

Andrea, 30, exclusively revealed to Us Weekly in a statement that she will not be returning to Bravo’s Summer House this year.

Alberto Volpato, one of my childhood best friends, and I collaborated on the design of Son Of Wind, an Italian unisex streetwear brand.

Does The Reality Star Say that His Collection Is Ready?

"Summer House" Star Andrea Denver Reveals His Absence from The Show's 7th Season!

After a year of planning and work, the reality star says that his collection is ready for display. Our attention to detail has allowed us to design a luxury clothing line using only the finest materials. At the end of August, we plan to release Son Of Wind,” Andrea said.

“However, we plan to open the first U.S. showrooms for the brand in Miami and New York City by the end of July.” His final words: “I’m sorry I won’t be in the Hamptons this summer, but I’m putting all my attention to the business and I am incredibly enthusiastic about it!”

This comes after a source close to the show’s production confirmed to Us that Luke Gulbranson and Alex Wach will not be returning for season 7. Mya Allen, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, and Kyle Cooke are all likely to be in the cast of the film.

The Minnesota Native.

"Summer House" Star Andrea Denver Reveals His Absence from The Show's 7th Season!

Luke, 38, implied that his exit from the show was not his choice amid speculations of a cast shakeup. According to the Minnesota native, she will not be appearing on Summer House this year through Instagram Live on June 28.

Thank you very much for the last three years of support and exposure. I’ll be sorely missing all of my close acquaintances. The fact that I won’t get to spend the summer with them “breaks my heart,” but I know they’ll have fun and we’ll keep in touch.

Andrea, on the other hand, has recently revealed that he will not be returning to Winter House for season 2. “No. In February, he disclosed on The Dipp’s “Morgan’s Pop Talks” podcast that he would be spending a few days in Hawaii rather than Vermont to unwind.

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Started Dating?

"Summer House" Star Andrea Denver Reveals His Absence from The Show's 7th Season!

“We just started dating, and she’s a huge part of my life.” Season 1 of Winter House was the first time the Bravo personality made his debut, and he gave a few different reasons for his decision.

“On the one hand, I think this is a very significant moment… Reconnecting with someone who had previously been a part of my life was a pleasant surprise for me. She’s a dear friend of mine. Filming with my pals and whatnot is just too fast for me to go on another vacation,” he remarked, adding that he knows people.

“prefer” him single on-screen. There was something inside of me urging me to do this. That is beyond your control. People may want me to be single, but at the same time, my heart belongs to someone and I’m content. What you need to focus on is the most critical factor.”


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