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Russel Wilson and Ciara Sing “Forever to Go” In Celebration of Their Sixth Wedding Anniversary!

The Wilsons have a happy anniversary! It was Ciara and Russell Wilson’s six-year wedding anniversary on Wednesday, and the couple took to Instagram to show their ever-deepening love for one another.

With the caption, “Ciara released a video of the couple with her fans.” “Doing life with you has exceeded my expectations in every way. The nicest part of my day is getting up and seeing you.”

Congratulations! on Your sixth-Year Anniversary.

Russel Wilson and Ciara sing "Forever to Go" in celebration of their sixth wedding anniversary.

She went on to say, “You’ve made me a better lady because of you. “Nothing would be too much trouble for me if it meant you were happy. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary, Mi Amore. My closest companion.

I adore you, @DangeRussWilson, with all my heart. It’s a good thing to believe in God. Years 6 and 7. Infinite Journey”While the pop star’s friends and family gushed in the comments, her husband took a minute to express his gratitude for her message, replying that she had “filled my heart with joy since the moment I met you.”

“Loving you, Future, Sienna, and Win is the most incredible blessing and gift I’ve ever had in my life. Cheers to the start of the sixth decade. Love is worth celebrating. Let us toast to that. My Love’s a, “he penned.

How Many Times of Marriage?

Russel Wilson and Ciara sing "Forever to Go" in celebration of their sixth wedding anniversary.

Isn’t this only the beginning? Russell also shared a video on his Facebook in which the couple’s three children — Sienna, 5, Win, 1, and Ciara’s former relationship’s 7-year-old son, Future — dedicated heartwarming remarks to their mom. Even Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning offered translations for little Win’s adorable toddler chatter!

“The first time I walked into the room, I was speechless. Not because I was speechless, but rather because God had heard and answered my pleadings, “Russell used a clever caption for his video upload on his Instagram.

“My fervent hopes of meeting someone who embodied all of these qualities, as well as a desire to make a difference in the world and a desire to start a family with me, were answered when I met you. God has given us three lovely children and an abundance of laughter, love, and life over the past six years of marriage. Until we meet again.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2022.

My love, @Ciara, I wish you a happy anniversary. Mrs. Wilson, I adore you. ” When you see two people in love, you can’t help but feel glad for them. During the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue premiere party in May, ET spoke with the 36-year-old celebrity, who was joined by her NFL star husband.

The singer appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2022 and talked about how her family served as both an inspiration and a source of encouragement for her career. With Wilson’s unwavering encouragement, Ciara said to ET, “I feel blessed. He’s always there cheering me on and he makes me feel that much more confident in myself.”

“Even though I’m self-confident, it’s nice to be appreciated in that way. He’s the best, and I’m inspired by it.” “I can’t help but think of my daughter, don’t you?” Ciara tacked on. It gives me great pleasure to think that she may see herself in me at times like this and have something to look forward to, believe in, and have hope in.”

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 What Is the Weirdest Thing?

Russel Wilson and Ciara sing "Forever to Go" in celebration of their sixth wedding anniversary.

“Never give up” is Ciara’s guiding attitude when it comes to imparting wisdom to her young daughter. “You know, the weirdest thing is I started my career 18 years ago… when I think about that journey from my Goodies album, I think about all the things I desired to achieve and this is one of those moments,

” she said to ET. “That was 18 years ago. Right? As a result, my point is that you can’t give up hope.” When you’re ready to give up, “it’s like you have to push on and believe even harder because dreams truly do come true,” she said. It’s true what they say: “Things happen when you keep believing.”

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