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It’s Rare to See Kim Kardashian without Makeup: In The Natural Appearance!

When Kim Kardashian rose to fame, she ushered in an age of carefully manicured and photoshopped pictures, and her finely contoured face even affected cosmetics trends. But we should be praising her for how stunning she is in her natural state.

On Instagram, the SKIMS creator was noticed in the birthday carousel of longtime friend Allison Statter, where it seems like they celebrated together at the Beverly Hills Hotel. You’ll have to look closely to see Kardashian in the group shot since she’s easy to overlook at first sight.

Her hair is somewhat wavy, and she has a lovely all-natural face. She’s the second person on the right side of the shot. She is 41 years old, although she seems to be much younger in this photograph.

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Kardashian with no makeup.

Kardashian’s brand is centered on a comprehensive appearance from head to toe. Even while her KKW Beauty collection emphasizes a more minimalist makeup look, it still takes many steps to get that perfect finish.

“I know I always want to be bronze and feel a little bit contoured without seeming too crazy,” she told ELLE of the no-makeup look attained via — you guessed it, cosmetics. I would sometimes simply use contour sticks and blend them all in, without even wearing foundation. But not wearing a full face of makeup would truly make me feel lively and alert.”

kim with makeup and without makeup
However, the most recent photos show that Kardashian has taken excellent care of her skin, and she could walk out in public with a freshly cleaned face and still look stunning. Kardashian could influence a whole generation by making cosmetics a pleasant option rather than a requirement to appear and feel beautiful if she did more.

Contemporary Beauty Fashion.

Kim Kardashian West is the latest celebrity to flaunt the current beauty trend: no makeup at all.

While we’re surprised to see such a move from the queen of contouring, particularly at such a big, photo-op event as the Balenciaga presentation during Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian is constantly on top of (and frequently sets) the trends. This beauty aesthetic is definitely on the rise.

kim without makeup

It’s never been more fashionable to go bare-faced—no-makeup makeup and no makeup at all are the most popular styles. Despite the fact that Kardashian claims to just be applying moisturizer, her skin is immaculate. Kardashian’s longtime makeup artist,                    Mario Dedivanovic, shared a snapshot of the look on Instagram with the statement.

Though it’s a far cry from Kardashian’s usual make-up appearance, it’s nice to witness the trend’s walking antithesis adopt the bare-faced beauty look so effortlessly (and success).
Breaking beauty rules! When Kim Kardashian feels it’s essential, she’ll sleep with a full face of makeup on.

The Best Behind-the-Scenes Photos: They’re ‘Better Than the Final Look’ The reality actress, 41, confessed on Friday’s edition of Live With Kelly and Ryan that she saw her makeup artist long before her virtual appearance on the morning program.

Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Fittings.

“I had my makeup done last night [and] slept in it so I could look nice for you guys,” she said to the hosts, hinting that it was her only choice given her hectic schedule.
After her interview, the mother of four informed Kelly and Ryan that she had to begin her “school run and child things.”

“They’re all eating in the kitchen, and then I’m getting in the vehicle and driving them all to school.” But first, she claimed she was going to wash her face – no need to dress up for the carpool.

kim with makeup

It’s a pity she intended to wash off such lovely makeup, which was most likely done by Mario Dedivanovic, her longtime makeup artist and friend. For the interview, the businesswoman wore a smoky eye and a mouth that was severely lined. Her hair was styled in a sleek center part and she donned a Skims catsuit for the event.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Kardashian has slept in her makeup before a major event. The Kardashians star admitted that it’s a rather typical occurrence during a 2018 interview with Busy Philipps on Busy Tonight.


She questioned the socialite, “Have you ever slept with your makeup on?” to which she answered, “Oh, all the time.” I’ll sleep flawlessly and maybe redo my skin the following day if I can’t have glam the next day, but I try to save it for two days.”

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Kardashian made a public statement.

There’s more. At the 2015 InStyle Awards, Kardashian gave a statement thanking   Charlotte Tilbury, the Makeup Artist of the Year winner, and credited her with being the reason she sleeps in her glam.

kim kardashian with makeup
“I’m going to make this brief because my heartburn just set in,” she told the gathering, “but Charlotte Tilbury is my idol because she has never allowed her husband to see her without makeup on.” “She goes to bed wearing makeup.

” She is my hero. She’s encouraged me to sleep in my makeup when I’m very lazy and can’t apply my makeup the following day. I realize that’s probably the worst advice, but she has all the magic creams to make up for it the following day.”


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