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Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together? Relationship Timeline Between Hubbard and Stravy!

Lindsay Hubbard is one of three principal cast members who have been with ‘Summer House’ since the beginning. In 2020, Stravy Traversie entered the house for the first time during season four.

On the other hand, Stravy’s connection to the cast of the reality show predates his appearance on Bravo. In the fifth season, unpleasant situations between them were captured on camera.

Season 5 featured Hannah’s current boyfriend Des Bishop, Danielle’s boyfriend Robert Sieber, and Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Stephen Traversie. Yes, the connection between the two had ended. It’s no longer a secret, as the news leaked earlier this year.

Here, we will discuss their separation in detail. Highlights of the season included Lindsay’s breakup with Stravy, her suspected affair with Luke, and her prospective pregnancy. Are these rumors all true? Here is everything you must know.

In the first season, the principal cast of nine individuals made good friends and had the time of their lives. The concept of the subsequent seasons of the television reality show remained the same, however, the principal cast members changed.

The fifth season introduced a little modification by having the friends live together for weeks as opposed to merely meeting on weekends.

This change was necessitated by the outbreak, yet it appeared to enhance the presentation since it added more drama.

Now, Bravo is mixing two universes to create a new spinoff. The cast members of Summer House and Southern Charm are collaborating on a new series, and fans will be able to see their relationships blossom.

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together?

As of 2021, Lindsay and Stravy are no longer together. Stravy and Lindsay are no longer in contact.
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Hubbard highlighted the fact that she and Stravy were no longer dating when promoting the February premiere of the new season.

During the interview, the Summer House singer stated that hunkering down with her spouse during the coronavirus epidemic last year harmed their relationship.

Last season of Summer House, Lindsay’s relationship with then-boyfriend Stephen Traversie, sometimes known as Stravy, was a popular topic of conversation. Despite reconciling after separating earlier in the summer, the couple decided to end their relationship.

In season 5, Lindsay revealed her boyfriend Stephen “Stravy” Traversie to the audience. After the fifth season concluded in October 2020, they ceased production. The rumors that Lindsay had an affair with Luke added to the chaos.

As seen in the fifth season, Lindsay had a timeline for all of the relationship milestones she and Stephen would attain, including being married in June 2022 and becoming pregnant by August of that year.

Lindsay and Stravy were also seen struggling to maintain their relationship, but Danielle supported her best friend, Lindsay. In contrast, Hubbard chose to invest in herself and her career after the divorce.

Relationship Timeline Between Hubbard and Stravy

In the summer of 2019, the former couple began dating during season 4 of the popular Bravo show. Beginning their relationship were birthday celebrations and helicopter excursions over New York City. Then, Stephen debuted on reality television.

In Season 5 of Summer House, when his relationship with Lindsay worsened in front of the cameras, Stravy assumed a larger role. In 2020, during their summer vacation in the Hamptons, Stravy and Lindsay battled to make their relationship work.

The couple never found their footing in the most recent season, whether it was because Lindsay was accused of dating Luke Gulbranson or because Stravy and Lindsay were arguing at birthday dinners and fled the home in Ubers.

Stravy is unlikely to be invited back to Hampton’s home because he has no hope of regaining Lindsay’s friendship or preserving his relationships with her friends.

Fans believe Lindsay has moved on to Luke Gulbranson now that she and Stephen are no longer together. Paige, a member of the cast, has indicated that she believes Lindsay and Luke were drawn to each other.

Paige continued by stating that the two have distinct perspectives on one another. The rest of the cast believes they are more than just buddies. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, this is not the case.


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