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Announcement from Arma Arma Reforger Is Now Available for Pc and Xbox One!

With a nostalgic movie showcasing the series’ history, developer Bohemia Interactive announces ARMA 4 and ARMA Reforger’s early access availability.

ARMA is not your average military shooter.
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The tactical FPS series from Czech developer Bohemia Interactive values realism above spectacle. While this may restrict the series’ overall appeal, it has developed a devoted following among PC FPS fans. ARMA 4 fans now have a new episode to look forward to, according to today’s announcement.

An announcement trailer for ARMA 4 was released today by the creators. The trailer, titled “Road to ARMA 4,” retells the events of the series over the course of 21 years. The new ARMA Reforger, which arrived in early access today, may also give players a taste of what’s in store.

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The Arma Reforger Magically Appeared.

The video starts with ARMA: Cold War Assault, which was published in 2001 by         Bohemia Interactive under the name Operation Flashpoint: Cold War. The camera follows a lone soldier across decades of shifting settings and graphics advancements.

After that, another soldier dashes across the desert of 2006’s ARMA: Armed Assault, followed by sequences from ARMA 2 and ARMA 3, until arriving at ARMA Reforger. The video finishes with the ARMA 4 logo unveiling, after various images displaying Reforger’s updated visuals and atmosphere.


Unfortunately, neither the trailer nor the release date for ARMA 4 was revealed. It’s possible that it’s more of an ARMA Reforger trailer than an ARMA 4 trailer. Nonetheless, based on the trailer’s YouTube comments, it succeeds in generating interest in the future game.

What Platforms Does Arma Reforger Support?

The new game, set during the Cold War, allows players to revisit Everon, a mid-Atlantic island featured in the first Operation Flashpoint. On tactical multiplayer fights over the enormous open-world terrain recreated in ARMA’s new Enfusion engine, players may take up arms for either the United States or the Soviet Union.

platfoms of pc and XBOX

The new ARMA game is also simple to edit, and it’s the first cross-platform ARMA release, debuting on Xbox platforms as well. Cross-platform multiplayer will also be supported, allowing PC and console gamers to join up and compete online.

ARMA Reforger is “the first step towards ARMA 4” according to Bohemia Interactive, and it gives fans a taste of what to anticipate from the next numbered sequel. ARMA Reforger is available for $29.99 in early access on Steam.

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Arma 4 has been announced.

The main gaming experience, according to the developers, is already finished, and the full release is expected in roughly a year. ARMA Reforger will get three major upgrades, as well as numerous minor patches, that will introduce new weapons and gadgets. It is hoped that it will live up to the standards set by its predecessors.
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Arma 4, the follow-up to the military series, and Arma Reforger, a separate “preview” game employing Bohemia’s new Enfusion tech engine, were revealed on Tuesday by Bohemia Interactive. Arma Reforger will be available in early access on Tuesday, according to a press statement from Bohemia Interactive. It’s the first time an Arma game will be published simultaneously on PC and Xbox.


Arma 4 has few details, with the business failing to provide a release date or any gameplay video. Arma Reforger, on the other hand, seems to be a chance for the studio to “showcase the company’s development on [its] new Enfusion engine and provide a peek of things to come,” according to the press release.


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