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The Collaboration Between Fortnite and Fall Guys Has Been Confirmed in A New Announcement!

The player community has long speculated about a Fortnite x Fall Guys partnership.
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Several leaders have leaked concept art and information on a possible Battle Royale collaboration between the two games.

Fall Guys was once a paid PlayStation and PC game in which players could play with their friends and a variety of different opponents.

The game will ultimately launch free-to-play on June 21, 2022, according to Mediatonic’s newest release. It will also be available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Existing and new players will be able to participate and advance across platforms, making it a more open Battle Royale. The only question now is whether or not the game will work with Fortnite in the future.

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A New Premium Season.

On June 21, Fall Guys will have a new season with new levels, outfits, gameplay, and other features. In addition, Mediatonic will release a new premium season pass that can be bought using Show-Bucks and new in-game money.

100 levels and more outfits are included with the season pass. Users who do not wish to purchase a season pass will be able to access a free advancement route with things to unlock.

fall guys with epic games

On June 21st, the immensely entertaining battle royale platformer will be released on those platforms as well as the Epic Games Store. There will also be a PS5 version. All platforms will have full cross-play and cross-progression functionality.

Fall Guys will also be available for free. Following the acquisition of Psyonix, Epic made a similar approach with Rocket League. Existing PlayStation and Steam gamers will get a legacy bundle with three outfits as well as additional incentives. Pre-registered newcomers are also eligible for prizes.

Fall Guys’ arrival on the Epic Games Store isn’t surprising, given that Epic just acquired Mediatonic parent Tonic Games Group. Since November, when cross-progression was implemented, users need an Epic account to play Fall Guys.

There will also be a new season.

On the 21st of June, a new season will also begin. Season 1: Free For All will be the new name for Mediatonic‘s first season. It’ll be the first seasonal update since November, including new levels and cosmetics, as usual.

A premium (i.e., paid) season pass with 100 tiers and additional cosmetic items will be available for the first time. Those who purchase a heritage pass will get a complimentary season one premium pass. There will still be a free season pass, as well as additional goodies to obtain.

fall-guys big announcment

Crowns will no longer be accepted in the shop as a form of payment. With additional prizes, the crown rank function will be enhanced. Crowns that haven’t been spent yet will be turned to Kudos.

Show-Bucks, an in-game currency, will be available to purchase the premium season pass. Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed franchise, as well as Mecha Godzilla and Mothra, are among the next costumes.

A Significant Improvement Is on The Way.

Another major improvement is coming soon: a level creator. While it won’t be available anytime soon, it’s an intriguing feature to anticipate.

The game was released in August 2020 on PS4 and Steam, and it was an immediate smash, attracting millions of players on PC in only a few days and being the most-claimed title in PlayStation Plus history at the time.

Fall-Guys-Season-2 announced

Player numbers seem to have declined significantly from the early days, despite longer seasons.
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The debut of Fall Guys on additional platforms, the change to free-to-play, and a new season, on the other hand, should all attract new and returning players.

Because Epic purchased Mediatonic parent firm Tonic Games Group last year, it makes sense for Fall Guys to debut on the Epic Games Store. After purchasing developer Psyonix, Epic decided to make Rocket League free to play.

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Version for PlayStation.

Obstacle-dodging and physics challenges will also be available on new platforms. Fall Guys will be released on June 21 for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, as well as an improved PlayStation 5 version and an Epic Games Store listing.

Fall-Guys Xbox

However, there is one caveat on the PC side: new players will no longer be able to download and play Fall Guys on Steam.

Previous owners will still be able to use Steam and get updates. It sounds similar to how Rocket League’s transition to Epic was handled. It makes sense now that Mediatonic is under Epic’s umbrella.


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