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Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

The web is being tightened! Belly’s (Lola Tung) love triangle with brothers Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) will only get more problematic in season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Jenny Han, the show’s writer and showrunner, discussed her efforts to turn the book series into a TV show ahead of the season 1 release in June 2022.

What Are the most significant components?

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

It was more like, ‘What are the most significant components of the story that I believe should be preserved?'” What matters most to the audience? When it came to adapting this, I was able to draw from all the emails, notes, and comments I’ve received over the years from fans,” she said. “What are the primary concerns of the initial fans?”

What’s going to be the most fun and exciting thing for me, as well?” For the simple reason that as a writer, you need to feel like you’re doing something new. So, the new strategy isn’t going to be exactly the same as the old one. Is there a way to make this feel new?

Taylor Swift‘s song, according to the author, was one of her favorite additions to season 1. Taylor Swift’s music has long been requested by readers of her novels, and while she always wanted it, she couldn’t guarantee it because it was “like not up to me,” as she told The Wrap in the same month. When I was able to offer the fans that present, it was the most exciting aspect for me since I understood how much it meant to them.

First Learned About the Summer I Turned Pretty.

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

Han is also enthused about seeing Hung bring Belly to life in her own unique style at the time of the filming. In my search for actors, I was particularly interested in finding those who seemed authentic and natural. That has an air of mystery to it.

June 2022, Belly was going to be the “linchpin” since “everything hangs around her.
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” “Since she’s the main character, finding the appropriate Belly was critical.” Author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before welcomed a new viewpoint on her protagonist. In Lola, you could see she was just out of the shower.

“I think it’s incredibly hard to create a type of purity or newness to things,” she said. “She was still 18 when we cast her and she turned 18 on the show.” As we begin, she’s never done it before. That – Belly’s and Lola’s huge summers — have so many meta components. For her part, Tung revealed how she first learned about the Summer I Turned Pretty series.

Who’s Coming Back?

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

A little amount of Jenny’s charm drew me in.” In June 2022, the New York native told Seventeen magazine that she hadn’t read The Summer I Turned Pretty before she was cast in the role, but she had enjoyed the To All The Boys movies and would often watch them with her friends because they were so enjoyable.

Incredibly, I can’t believe I’m a part of The Summer I Turned Pretty. The fact that I’ve built a friendship with Jenny is even better because she’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. Everything you need to know about The Summer I Turned Pretty’s second season: This year’s lineup includes Tung, Briney, Casalegno, Sean Kaufman, Jackie Chung, Alfredo Narciso, and Minnie Mills.

What New Storylines Will Be Explored in Season 2?

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

It’s Not Summer Without You, the next novel in the series will serve as the inspiration for Season 2.  “Ultimately, it’s up to Amazon and the audience to decide what they want. Because there are three volumes, I would like to have three seasons.

My dream is to present that story in its entirety in the form in which it was first conceived “Han revealed this to Variety in June of 2022. “As long as nothing is taken for granted, I’m fine with it! As long as people enjoy it and want more, I’ll be happy.”

Prior to the renewal of the show, Han signed an overall film and television agreement with the network. Belly and Conrad’s new friendship is strained by Susannah’s death in the second novel, according to the author. To find Conrad at the beach house, Belly reunites with Jeremiah.

Can We Expect Susannah Back?

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

In the course of the journey, Belly’s affections for Jeremiah deepen, but she also grows closer to his brother. Before Susannah’s demise occurs between the first and second books, Han addressed the show’s plans in June 2022. “Many of us have discussed Susannah’s arc, and the entire cast has read the novels, so we all had a solid foundation of information to draw from.

I think Rachel and I talked a lot about how crucial Susannah is to the first season and how I see her as a pivotal character “Han explained this to Variety. It seems to me that “every single individual is in her orbit in some way, and they’re all there because of her and she’s immensely beloved by everybody.” ”

It’s unclear if the figure would appear in flashbacks, but the author said, “She’s setting people off on different adventures, so it was vital to me that the person I chose for that part was somebody who drew people in, someone that you could simply fall in love with.”

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Is ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Coming to A Close?

Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Has Been Announced!

Following the show’s premiere, Han hinted that not all of the book’s details will be incorporated into the film adaptation. “Not to give anything away, but the books have been available for some time.

There’s no way to predict what will happen on the show “Variety was the first to know. “I went into it with an open mind. I was mulling through a wide range of options.” Season 2 production and filming are set to begin in June 2022, Han stated in an interview with CBS that she is “ready to go.”


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