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How to Reverse Capitec Cash Send: How Do I Send Money Using the This App?

For its users, the Capitec app aims to simplify life. Once the app has been downloaded, you can use it to pay bills and make payments, purchase airtime, send and receive money, issue account statements by email stamps, and check balances at any time, anywhere.

How May Money Sent Using the Capitec App Be Refunded?

Follow this guide to reverse cash or money using the Capitec app.

In order to reverse a transfer, you must either visit your nearby branch or phone the Capitec Customer Care center at 0860 123 000 because the cash reversal option is not presently available with this app.

Users can easily submit a transfer reversal request by contacting or visiting the local branch, and the process will take 45 days from the date the request is generated.

How Do I Send Money Using the Capitec App?

The steps listed below can be used to send money using the Capitec mobile application.

– Select the Send Cash button after clicking the Transact tab.

– Click to choose the account from which you wish to transfer the money and enter your remote PIN.

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– Type in the amount of money you wish to transfer to another account.

– Next, make a secret PIN that you must share with the individual to whom you are transferring money.


– To agree on the terms and conditions, click the Next tab and then select the checkbox.

– To approve the transfer, press the Yes button.

– Capitec will send you an SMS with a reference number.

– In two consecutive communications, send the recipient of the money both the reference number and the secret code.

On Capitec, How Can You Reverse Money Without the App?

There is no option on the app to reverse the transferred funds, but you can do so by calling the call center or going to your local bank within 45 days.

How Can I Make a Deposit Using the Capitec App?

You could use your app, which was graphically detailed above, to deposit money online or by going to the branch that is closest to you.

Instantaneous Payment Reversal by Capitec

A recent client inquiry about whether or not they may reverse a Capitec quick payment was answered by the bank as being impossible.

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“Since immediate payments take effect right away, we cannot reverse them.
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For assistance, you can get in touch with the recipient, the bank wrote on Twitter.

Therefore, it is recommended to exercise the greatest caution when making urgent payments. If the inadvertent recipient is a good individual who will reimburse you willingly, you might be in luck. Otherwise, you would have to go through a protracted legal process to obtain your money back from them or you can lose it all.


Before completing a payment, it is crucial to double-check that all the recipient’s information is accurate. Once you have input all the necessary information, the app will always ask you to confirm.

In the case that you sent the message to the incorrect recipient, act swiftly to start the reverse process described above.


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