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Sassa Grocery Voucher 2021 Application Forms: How Can I Get a Sassa Food Voucher?

The South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA, was formerly giving food hampers. Now, the SASSA food vouchers program uses food coupons that may be used for meals at certain vendors.

People who are in need are provided it as a social distress remedy. It is intended for South African nationals and residents. The deadline for submission of these applications is July 30, 2021. The grants are given for a period of three months, but if a household genuinely needs them, that period may be extended by up to six months.

How Can I Get a Copy of the Sassa Food Parcel Application Form?

You can download an application for SASSA food coupons from the URL provided here.

Sassa Grocery Voucher 2021 Application Forms

You must provide your name, sex, kind of identification, citizenship information, and other information on the SASSA food voucher 2021 application form.

You must first provide your contact information before being required to sign their declaration. Before signing, you can review the declaration.

How Can I Get a Sassa Food Voucher?

According to the handlewife To apply for the social hardship relief package, go to the South African Social Security Agency closest to you. The application for the SASSA grocery voucher for 2021 is accessible at the SASSA station that is closest to you; nevertheless, applying for the SASSA online is not always easy.

  • Snatch it up, fill it out, and then turn it in with the supporting documentation.
  • Give the identity document with the 13-digit barcode.
  • certificates of birth for your kid you may provide an affidavit from an attorney if your birth certificate is not readily available. A sworn statement from a person who is familiar with you and your child could also be submitted.
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Additionally, individuals can provide documentation that the Home Affairs department has requested a birth certificate. a temporary certificate issued by the Department of Home Affairs. You might also send in a school report, a roadside health clinic card, and your baptismal certificate.

Sassa Grocery Voucher 2021 Application Forms (2)

  • A certificate from the local police station will do.
  • You must provide proof that you actually need it.
  • When necessary, you attempted maintenance.
  • You have no other means of support.
  • either married, separated, or unmarried.
  • You experience a temporary handicap.
  • You run out of sources of revenue.

How Do I Check the Progress of a Sassa R350 Grant Application?

To check your SASSA status, enter your ID number and phone number.

Additionally, you can contact us by email at

Alternatively, dial 0800 60 10 11.

On the number, which is 082 046 8553 or 0600 1233 456, you can even Whatsapp them.



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