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Chime Mobile Check Deposit: can I deposit a cheque from someone else into my chime account?

Would You Like to Deposit a Cheque on Chime?

If so, keep in mind that you must deposit at least $200 via payroll direct deposit into your Chime account. The Chime check deposit option for your account would be active 30 days after the funds were deposited.

How to Deposit Cheques on Chime?

Choose Move Money from the Chime app’s menu.
Click “contribute funds” now.
Check out the camera option in the app, which typically indicates the mobile check deposit option.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit
Choose the type of account you want to deposit the check into.
Type the check’s value here.
Sign your paper check at the bottom. Put “deposit only” next to your signature.
Take a picture of the check’s front and back.
Review the information, and then confirm the account deposit.

How Can I Tell if My Check is From the U.s Treasury?

United States Treasury is written in capital letters on U.S. Treasury checks, and the Statue of Liberty is shown on the left side. They are employed for payments like government benefits and tax refunds.

Make sure to put “For deposit at Chime only” on one of the endorsement lines on the back of a U.S. Treasury check before depositing it.

What Options Do I Have if My Check is Declined?

There are several reasons why checks could be refused. If this occurs, we will send you a push notification, and an email with more details, and you might be able to resubmit your check.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit (2)

Please refer to the Prohibited Checks section of your Deposit Account Agreement for more details.


Where Can I Pay My Chime Account With a Check?

Using the mobile check deposit feature, you can deposit the check into the Chime account.

Can I Use an Atm to Deposit a Check Into My Chime Account?

Checks cannot be deposited at ATMs with Chime.

How quickly can a cheque be deposited on Chime?

Typically, it takes 3-5 business days after the initial day your transfer was started for a check to be placed into your account. You can quickly use it once the money has been deposited into the sender’s account.

Can I Deposit a Cheque Written by Someone Else Into My Chime Account?

You cannot deposit someone else’s check into your account, sorry. The check’s name and the account’s name at Chime should match.

How Fast is Chime Mobile Check Deposit?

The check is immediately deposited, however it takes 3-5 days for the money to be transferred to the sender’s account.



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