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Gepf Self-service App: How to Get the Free Gepf App on Iphone & Android?

What is Gepf Self-service App?

A digital platform called the Government Employees Pension Fund was created so that people could manage their pensions on their own. The plan enables you to enter personal and pension-related information into the system and track your pension using the timelines.

The method is set up to free elderly people from the grip of long lines and prevent them from visiting GEPF offices. It also frees them from having to phone call centers constantly for minor issues. Above all things, it avoids unnecessary incentive problems and red tape.

How to Get the Free Gepf App on Iphone & Android?

For both Android and iOS devices, follow these easy steps to download the GEPF self-service app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Gepf Self-service App

Search for the app in the app stores’ search box after going there.
Once you have it, select “Install” for Android smartphones and “Get” for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).
Continue to hold off until the installation is finished.
download directly

How Can I Sign Up for the Gepf App?

You must select the self-service option and then adhere to the instructions in order to register for the GEPF app.
Have your initial name, last name, phone number, pensioner ID, and mail ID close at hand.
Self-registration is still not an option. Generally speaking, everyone must follow the batch registration procedure.

For the purpose of batch registration, the employer typically provides the email addresses and working phone numbers of his or her employees. An email is sent to the seniors once the email has been registered.

You can change the password for your account once it has been created by going to your account page. Continue to fill out the required information and refer back to your website for information on your pension plan and amounts.

A legitimate pensioner ID number should be your login.

Where Can I Find My Gepf Balance?

You have the option of requesting a GEPF statement in addition to using a calculator to figure out your GEPF balance. You can always phone their helpdesk if you haven’t received your GEPF statement.

Gepf Self-service App

This GEPF statement is typically given to everyone once a year, and it can be used to check the GEPF balance.

You can also check it in the benefits section, where you can easily view your banking information as well as your balances in addition to other details.

How Do I Contact Gepf?

To get in touch with GEPF, call their toll-free number at 0800 117 669 or send an email to [email protected].


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