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What Is ZippyShare? How To Download Files On It Easily And Quickly?

Geoblocks are used by Zippyshare to limit the nations in which they can be used. By passing these restrictions with a VPN, you can upload and download files from any location. If you love Zippyshare, you might be disappointed to learn that there are some places in the world where you can’t access this file-sharing website. Don’t give up, though, just yet.

A Virtual Private Network is a fairly easy hack I came up with to get over these pesky Zippyshare blocks so you can download Zippyshare files from wherever. Before attempting to view files on Zippyshare, sign up for a VPN program and connect to a server in a supported nation.

This will mask your true IP address and location and only display an IP address and nation that correspond to the location of your VPN server. VPNs also offer other significant advantages. You may download files from Zippyshare anonymously and securely with a VPN by encrypting your data and online activities.

What Is Zippyshare?

Popular file-hosting website Zippyshare allows users to download files for free, without restriction, and without having to register. You can use ZippyUploader to upload any files to Zippyshare up to 500MB if you wish to. Users who create a Zippyshare account are not protected because there is no clearly defined privacy policy on the Zippyshare site.


If you create a user account, all of your data and actions could be recorded, sold to outside parties, or even given to criminals who could use them against you. The best way to ensure that you are safe from these hazards online when using Zippyshare is to use a VPN.

How To Download Files On Zippyshare

In light of the discussion from earlier, we will provide you with information on how to download on Zippyshare this time. If you wish to download files from a Zippyshare link that someone else has shared with you or if you want to download previously downloaded files again, use this download option.

1. Get The Download Link


Getting the link to the file you desire is the first thing you should do before downloading it from Zippyshare. For instance, you can simply search for the episode link from the website that uploads the file to Zippyshare if you want to download an episode of your favorite Korean drama that you are presently viewing.

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2. Download The File You Want

Therefore, all you have to do after you get the URL is type it into the browser’s search bar. You may also simply click the link. A download page will eventually show up in your browser. If so, simply select the ‘Download Now’ orange button.

Oh sure, there generally is an ad pop-up that appears in the browser when you first click the download button. You only need to close the tab containing the pop-up advertisement, so relax. Try returning to the download page and clicking the download button once more after that.

How To Upload Files To Zippyshare


Yes, having previously discussed how to download from Zippyshare, this time we will focus on how to post files to this website. Actually, the process is as simple as downloading the file. Just have a peek at the debate below, please!

1. Prepare The Files You Want To Upload

Prepare the files you intend to upload to the Zippyshare website beforehand. Yes, you can select any file up to 500 MB in size. Therefore, if so, kindly visit the Zippyshare website. Click the ‘Browse’ option to choose the file you prepared before.

Select the files from your device that you wish to upload to Zippyshare next. The dialogue box seen above will appear if you upload from a PC. To add the file to the Zippyshare website, simply select the “Open” option.

2. Upload Files


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If the file has been located, please proceed with the upload by clicking the orange “Start Upload” button as seen in the image above. Oh yes, please check the box next to the upload button that says “Set as Private Upload” if you want the process to be private.

If so, all you have to do is wait for the upload to be finished. You merely need to copy and paste the file link as displayed above if you want to share the link from the file that was already submitted.

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