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How to Change Gamerpic on Xbox App: Creating a Custom Gaming Profile Picture is Easy?

A gamerpic, custom gamer picture, or profile photo is a one-of-a-kind image that establishes one’s identification on any digital gaming platform. Until recently, Microsoft offered few options for customizing the Xbox One’s gamer picture. Users could only select the “Gamer photo” from the set stock with this method. However, with the recent Xbox 2020 update, users may now upload and set up a customized Xbox app gamer picture.

How Do I Update My Profile Image on the Xbox 2021 App?

Changing the profile image on the Xbox app 2021 is a simple task that can be completed quickly. To do so, follow the steps outlined below:

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To begin, hit the Xbox button on your controller to access the console’s Guide menu.

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Selecting your Profile name will take you directly to the Profile area.
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Choose My Profile from the drop-down menu, and the Welcome tab will appear.
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Select Customize profile from the right-pane menu.
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Now, from the top-right menu, select ‘Upload a custom image.’
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Choose a gamer pic for your profile from the options provided, snap a new picture of the avatar, or select a customized image.
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Move the circle to the desired location and adjust the image as needed.
When you are finished and satisfied with the photograph, go to the top-right corner of the screen and click the option Upload.
Xbox will now scan the image to ensure that it is clean and error-free. This procedure may take some time. Once completed, your profile photo/gamer picture will appear on your gaming profile.

Why Can’t I Change My Gamerpic on the Xbox App?

With the Xbox 2021 update, users may now change their Gamerpic to a personalized image. However, certain restrictions must be followed regardless of the theme in order to maintain a clean and safe gaming environment for all users. It is simply necessary to post a clean, suitable, and non-controversial image.

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Aside from that, the image must be of 10801080 resolution, and when uploading photographs to one disc, a pen drive or other USB device must be attached. In any case, if the rules are not followed, users may have problems submitting their personalized gamer photographs.

Xbox App Not Working to Update Pictures

Even though Xbox has provided its customers with a customizable gamer image option, some reports claim that the update is still not functioning. Microsoft claims that the reason the “Xbox app change picture not working” problem arose was because the most recent Custom image update had been momentarily turned off by the technical team.

More customers began using the most recent Xbox update, 2021, as it became available, placing stress on the website. Microsoft consequently temporarily turned off the update. Recently, though, the update has been enabled again and is now usable.

How to Create a custom gaming profile:

You can begin creating a unique gamerpic now that you are aware of how to update your gamerpic in general.

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You could even go one step further and figure out how to construct your own gamerpic to make your own, totally original profile picture for your Xbox account.

Xbox has two primary setup options for unique gamerpics: the Xbox software or your console itself.



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