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Why Are Stephen Bear’s Cartoon Videos Permitted on Twitter?

Another pornographic video of Stephen Bear and Jessica Smith in bed together, this time with ‘money dollars’ surrounding them, was released to Bear’s Twitter account this week.  There are a lot of angry comments underneath the video from app users who can’t believe it was allowed to stay online. In his post, one user said: Somebody has to shut down Twitter until they figure their s**t out because it’s stunning that @TwitterSupport allowed Stephen Bear’s erotica to be posted.
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The reality TV personality will stand trial next year on allegations of voyeurism and revenge porn. Stephen Bear is accused of filming himself having intercourse with a lady without the woman’s knowledge and then posting the tape online.

Stephen Bear Has Posted Another Graphic Video.

Why Are Stephen Bear's Cartoon Videos Permitted on Twitter?

On his Twitter account, Stephen Bear has posted another graphic video.

After uploading yet another sexually explicit video on his Twitter, Stephen Bear has received a barrage of internet criticism. Twitter has a minimum age requirement of 13, thus it’s possible that some underage users exist. Many young people may have stumbled onto Stephen Bear’s movies by accident given the prevalence of viral videos on social media.

The creator of a petition wants people to sign it so that “Stephen Bear will no longer be able to broadcast sexual content on Twitter.” They stressed the importance of preventing “any child from having to witness his films on their Twitter account involuntarily” and said: “Twitter should never allow this to happen because no child should have to witness something like this!
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Why Haven’t You Put a Stop

Why Are Stephen Bear's Cartoon Videos Permitted on Twitter?

I don’t understand why Stephen Bear’s graphic videos are permitted on Twitter. Twitter has been criticized for hosting offensive material. “@Twitter where are your community guidelines?” one user asked. Why haven’t you put a stop to this disgusting practice According to Twitter’s content standards, users are allowed to post explicit material so long as it is included in a tweet rather than a user’s profile picture or header image.

According to Twitter’s content guidelines, the rules aim to strike a balance between enabling users to share graphic media and providing tools for those who would want to avoid seeing it.

You must designate your Twitter account as “sensitive” if you intend to share explicit material. People on Twitter have been criticizing the content that Stephen Bear has been posting.


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