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Riddle Answer: Who Is that With a Neck But No Head?

It seems that the “who is that with a neck and no head” puzzle has made a comeback. Struggling to understand? Here, have the solution. The majority of us are still quarantined at home to stop the spread of the illness, so it’s crucial that we find ways to keep ourselves occupied and entertained.

Home is where the heart is, and there are many things one can do there to make themselves happy, such as spending more time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, and watching television. As a result of Boris Johnson’s recent speech, many individuals have decided to start exercising more, with some even going so far as to share their own workout plans online.

Healthy Body Cannot Be Overstated

Riddle Answer: Who Is that With a Neck But No Head?

The importance of maintaining a healthy body cannot be overstated, but it can be easy to overlook the necessity for regular mental exercise. Social media puzzles and riddles have been a great way to pass the time during the lockdown. Let’s solve a puzzle that’s been making the rounds again to get us in the mood to use our brains.

Whoever that is with a neck but no head is, they have my attention. For the time being, this one is giving folks pause. So, to put the puzzle in its simplest form: Don’t just scroll down to check the answer without giving it some serious thought first. Can you think of any objects this may possibly describe? Here’s a hint: it’s not always just one item. Don’t worry if you still don’t understand. You can find the solution here. The answer to the riddle “Who has a neck but no head?” is:

Who Is that With No Head but A Neck? a Shirt, of Course!

Riddle Answer: Who Is that With a Neck But No Head?

So there you have it! We pointed out that there may be a few potential solutions, since the right response may also be a sweater, for example. Tell your loved ones about it to see if they can figure it out, and in the meantime, here’s another one: To paraphrase, “What is right in front of your eyes?”

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