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Rising Rates of Hunger in New Jersey Aid Reduced Due to Rising Prices, Study Finds

Wow, a year really does make a difference.

According to a survey by the non-profit Hunger Free America, the number of persons in New Jersey who went hungry increased by 89% during the same time period in 2021 and 2022.

The investigation revealed, using federal data, that the number of people in New Jersey who went hungry increased from about half a million to more than a million in the course of a year.

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Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, put it this way: “It’s people skipping meals, it’s parents going without food to feed their children.” People gain weight when the only option they can afford is a less wholesome food that is cheaper.
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Berg pointed out that since people can’t cut back on expenses like rent, insurance, or car payments, eating well may take a back seat.

The analysis concludes that the expiration of the increased Child Tax Credit and universal school meals is to blame for the dramatic increase in food insecurity. Both benefits were instituted in response to the widespread of the coronavirus.

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“When you combine that with inflation, you really have a triple whammy hurting hard-working people in New Jersey,” said Berg, referring to the fact that most New Jersey residents cannot afford to feed their families on the wages they get from low-paying jobs.

With payments commencing in 2024, the state of New Jersey will begin offering a new child tax credit of up to $500 per year, per child, for eligible families.

8.5% of New Jerseyans experienced food insecurity in their homes between 2019 and 2021, including roughly 204,000 children.
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The Hunger Free America Act of 2021, which creates pilot programs to increase economic stability for lower-income persons, and the re-funding of the Child Tax Credit for struggling families are just a few of the federal policy recommendations included in the research.


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