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We Need to Know Who Tao Tsuchiya is Seeing. The Boyfriend of the Alice in Wonderland Actress

Reports indicate that Tao Tsuchiya is in a relationship. Is this something brand-new? Aw, heck no! In the past few years, there have been persistent rumors of their alleged romance. The star of “Alice in Borderland” seems to be the one famous celebrity that people are talking about.

First things first: Tao Tsuchiya is a Japanese actress who became famous for playing Makimachi Misao in Rurouni Kenshin.

Actually, Tao plays Yuzuha Usagi in Alice in Borderland. Season 2 of Sense8 premiered on Netflix on December 22, 2022 (22pp). Are you saying you haven’t seen it?

Tao Tsuchiya is a 27-year-old Japanese man who was born on February 3, 1995. She was born and raised in Tokyo, a Japanese metropolis.

We Need to Know Who Tao Tsuchiya is Seeing. The Boyfriend of the Alice in Wonderland Actress

The 8-Year Engagement, Kasane: Beauty and Fate, Waiting For Spring, Food Luck, The Cinderella Addiction, Mare, Goodbye Ghosts!

, etc. are all works by Tao Tsuchiya that are widely regarded as masterpieces.

Did you see What to Do with the Dead Kaiju, Tao’s most recent film? She has the role of Yukino Amane.

If you’re a true Tao fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that her new album, Matched, is almost ready for release. She plays the main role of Rinku, the protagonist.

You might be surprised to learn that Tao is also a talented singer. She came out with You Got Friends last year. Please tune in if you haven’t already. The actress Tao Tsuchiya is reportedly in a relationship. Tao was seen with yet another Japanese actor a few years later.

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They ended up having a covert romance due to unforeseen circumstances. Is it as potent as ever? Were there any romantic feelings between them? Who is he, exactly? Check out our 2022 prediction for Tao Tsuchiya’s romantic interests.

How Real is Tao Tsuchiya’s Supposed Romance?

As for Tao Tsuchiya’s love life in the year 2022, we can only speculate. A definition, please. Is Tao really not in love? Just she has the key. There have been persistent reports that Tao Tsuchiya has been in a committed relationship with Kento Yamazaki, as already mentioned.
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Similarly to other Japanese actors and models, he is phenomenal. Famous works attributed to Tao’s purported boyfriend Kento include Kiss that Kills, Good Doctor, Orange and Wolf Girl, and Black Prince.

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We agree with you; that is correct. Alice in Borderland, which is currently available on Netflix, also features Kento Yamazaki. Here he plays the lead role of Ryhei Arisu. Every one of Tao Tsuchiya’s fans has something to say about her and Kento Yamazaki’s relationship.

Do they go out together in real life? It’s true that neither one has been forthcoming about their private life. Therefore, we simply cannot establish that on the basis of any weak assumptions or suggestions.

We Need to Know Who Tao Tsuchiya is Seeing. The Boyfriend of the Alice in Wonderland Actress

Why do people keep saying that Tao Tsuchiya is dating Kento Yamazaki? This supposed pair was spotted spending over three hours in a restaurant back in 2016.
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A further eyewitness saw them both get into their own vehicles and drive off in opposite directions.

It’s not like Alice in Borderland is the first time Tao Tsuchiya and Kento Yamazaki have collaborated. They’ve collaborated frequently throughout the years, and that’s helped them become close.

However, when internet rumors spread that Tao Tsuchiya was dating Kento, none of their respective agencies tried to quash the speculation. Did they confirm the prevailing speculation? No. This leaves us doubtful.

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Though we have no way of knowing for sure, Tao Tsuchiya and Kento Yamazaki seem to get along swimmingly. They give off the impression of being extremely close and dependable pals. We hope the reports about their romance are real.

I hope that Tao Tsuchiya has a wonderful day today and every day to come. You may follow Tao on Instagram to see what she’s up to recently.


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