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In the Pokemon Universe, Who or What is Camerupt Vulnerable to?

Candid Camerupt was the first appearance of the explosion Pokémon, Camerupt, who was owned by Vicky Winstrate in the series proper. This Pokémon has four legs and resembles a Bactrian camel.

Its back features two grey volcanoes, the female of which is larger than its male counterpart. In addition to its three blue rings on each side, its sturdy body is clothed in red shaggy fur. The hair on top of its head is banged and it has floppy ears and a tawny muzzle.

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The volcanoes on its back will erupt violently once every ten years, or more often if it gets particularly enraged. When it becomes angry, the lava-filled bumps on its back explode.

It’s prevalent in the craters of volcanoes. There is a volcano within Camerupt’s main body. The 18,000-degree magma inside its body makes it extremely dangerous. Occasionally, this Pokémon’s back humps will erupt with superheated magma.

The humps on Camerupt’s back are formed by a reshaping of its skeleton. Magma is occasionally emitted from them. When it becomes enraged, this Pokémon reportedly explodes.

Since its inception, Camerupt has been a fascinating Pokémon, with mixed benefits and drawbacks depending on how you use it. Fire/Ground types are four times as vulnerable to Water types, which have been making a resurgence thanks to Scald and other strategies.

Even though its 75/70/70 stats make it a good tank, and its slow speed makes it a perfect candidate for Trick Rooms, there are other Pokémon that are slightly more effective.

You won’t have much fun with Camerupt outside of Trick Rooms, despite its great moveset and solid offensive stats. Let’s take a close look at how both our strengths and weaknesses stack up.

Problems with Camerupt

This Pokémon, known as Camerupt, possesses both the Fire and Ground kinds. It’s weaker against bug, electric, fairy, fire, poison, and steel attacks, and stronger against water and ground attacks.

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Since Camerupt can learn and employ so many types of resistances, you should only use Water-type Pokémon against it. Any Ground or Water-type Pokémon would do well against Camerupt in a raid battle.

Ideal Pokémon to Deploy in a Battle Against Camerupt

Gyarados is a Flying and Water-type Pokémon. If you’re a regular on the Pokémon Go battlegrounds, you’ve definitely seen this Pokémon used by a tonne of Master and Ultra League players.

Gyarados excels as a Pokémon for PvE battles because it can use a wide array of Water-type moves to take on Camerupt. Because of its high attack power and decent health and defense stats, Gyarados is an excellent Pokémon with which to do heavy damage.

In the Pokemon Universe, Who or What is Camerupt Vulnerable to?

The Ground/Water-type Pokémon Swampert is the next contender. Much like Gyarados, Swampert has been used in every single Pokémon Go PvP Battle League. Each and every one of its weaknesses is of the Grass-type.

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For our last recommendation, we’ll go with Blastoise, the original Water-type Pokémon. Since Blastoise has a greater defensive stat than it does an attack, it is a much better Pokémon to use as your team’s tank to survive many of Camerupt’s charged assaults.

Evolving Blastoise into Mega Blastoise is highly recommended if you have enough mega candy stockpiled for this encounter.

However, you are not limited to only these three Pokémon while facing off against Camerupt. Other Pokémon that would work well in this raid encounter are listed below.

To name a few: Empoleon, Ludicolo, Pelipper, Politoed, Rhyperior, Therian Landorus, Vaporeon, Feraligatr, Kyogre, and Lapras.

In the Pokemon Universe, Who or What is Camerupt Vulnerable to?

Camerupt will keep taking part in three-star raids for the time being. If you manage to kill one, you’ll be able to take it, prisoner, at the end of the fight. Invisible Camerupts with their brilliant sheen are virtually impossible to catch.

Powers and Capabilities

If a Pokémon has the ability of Magma Armor, it cannot be frozen. Almost completely useless as a Pokémon.
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Even less common than using ice-type moves on Camerupt is actually making use of the frozen status.

A solid rock: techniques that are incredibly effective have their damage reduced by 25% – Always helpful, but its two Weaknesses hold it back from becoming truly effective. However, the fact that it has a weakness to water-type attacks mitigates the situation significantly. Extinction level performance from Camerupt

Talent, Unknown (Currently Available):

If you take a critical hit and gain an Anger Point, your Attack will immediately increase to its maximum level. However, this is a hidden skill that can be learned.

While helpful in the right circumstances, this is hardly ever applicable. It’s just too reliant on luck to be useful in any situation outside of a gimmick set in doubles with someone who possesses Frost Breath.


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