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The State of New Jersey’s Largest Cinnamon Rolls Can Be Found at This Amish Bakery

The day someone realised they could sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over dough forever altered history.

Gloucester County, New Jersey is home to one of the top bakeries in the country, continuing a longstanding New Jersey heritage; read on to find out more!


The Mullica Hill Amish Market in southern New Jersey is a must-visit. Fresh meats and cheeses, pies, jams, and the largest cinnamon rolls we’ve ever seen are just some of the items available at this massive Amish market.

This Amish Bakery Has the Largest Cinnamon Rolls in all of New Jersey

Mullica Hill, in southwestern New Jersey, is home to a market that straddles the state line with Pennsylvania and supplies the area with all of the popular Lancaster County treats.

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One of the nicest bakeries we’ve ever been to was in Pennsylvania; it’s called Beiler’s and it’s a landmark in the state; it has a deli counter and a pretzel stand, and it serves a broad selection of delectable pastries.

There are platters of homemade cinnamon rolls, shoofly pies, whoopie pies, and other Amish treats.

This Amish Bakery Has the Largest Cinnamon Rolls in all of New Jersey


Despite the fact that these delicious delicacies are freshly baked every day and can be shared, you’ll probably hoard them all for yourself. The basic, the frosted, and the nuts and raisins flavours are all on the table.

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Open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm, Beiler’s Bakery can be found at Mullica Hill’s Amish Market. You can find out what’s on the menu by visiting their website.


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