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Reasons Why New Yorkers in the Marvel Universe Dislike New Jersey

In the Marvel Universe, New Yorkers are hostile toward New Jersey, but this has less to do with a friendly rivalry and more to do with the fact that the state Ms. Marvel defends is even riskier than the Big Apple of the X-Men.

Numerous superheroes call the dangerous New York City, which is often regarded as the center of the Marvel Universe on Earth, home. But the opening of Dark Web: X-Men #3 highlights the drawbacks of a setting in which no heroes genuinely reside.

From a real-world standpoint, many Marvel writers reside in New York, and as a result, the superheroes they developed also do.

It might be simpler to compile a list of Marvel characters who do not call New York City home, considering the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Captain America, the X-Men, and many more heroes are natives of the city.

Particularly when it comes to New Jersey, home to Ms. Marvel and a select few others, that list is fairly sparse aside from space-faring heroes and global saviors.

The city has been turned into a nightmare as a result of the Dark Web incident; inanimate items come to life and start attacking common people, according to Gerry Duggan’s story in Dark Web: X-Men #3.

Forge lets several survivors into the X-treehouse Men’s in Central Park, and Synch decides to open the Krakoan gates to New Jersey so that people can leave the area as it is already at capacity. ‘Aw dude, I don’t want to go to New Jersey,’ grouses a human civilian.

Reasons Why New Yorkers in the Marvel Universe Dislike New Jersey

New Yorkers Dislike New Jersey Since Most Heroes Locate in New York City

Supervillains frequently target New York when it comes to alien invasions or hostile takeovers by figures like Wilson Fisk or Doctor Doom, but the city’s heroes frequently put an end to them quickly.

The same cannot be true for New Jersey, where the only notable superheroes are Pepper Potts from Iron Man, the Wasp, and Ms. Marvel. In the Marvel Universe, this practice gives villains free reign, thus making New York’s neighbor a riskier place to live.

It’s unclear at this time whether New Jersey was any safer than New York due to the continuing Dark Web incident. While this is happening, Spider-Man and Jean Grey are telling the story of the event’s conclusion in different volumes.

The X-Men, on the other hand, would see to it that every New Yorker is taken care of; who knows, they might even locate Ms. Marvel and request her assistance as one of the few heroes in New Jersey.

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