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HomenewsThe E-zpass Discount Structure Would Be Simplified by the Rooney Bill.

The E-zpass Discount Structure Would Be Simplified by the Rooney Bill.

BRAND NEW YORK – On Thursday, a measure was submitted by the Assembly transportation committee that would clarify E-ZPass toll reductions.

Assemblyman Kevin Rooney has introduced legislation (A189) that would require the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to warn its current and potential customers on its website that New Jersey E-ZPass users may not be eligible for toll discounts provided by operators outside its authority.

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New Jersey, Delaware, and New York are connected by a network of interstates and bridges, and the existing website details the many programs and discounts now available from the several organizations that oversee these infrastructure elements.

Many people who use E-ZPass automatically assume that they are entitled to the discounts that are advertised to other E-ZPass users. Although this makes intuitive sense, it is not valid because E-ZPass pricing and discount policies are determined by the different agencies that use the service.

Rooney (R-Bergen) remarked, “The gaps can be extremely wide. Good customer service “requires clarity in pricing and discount policies.”

Toll rates and reductions for E-ZPass are determined independently by each organization or authority that provides the service. Those separate organizations also determine who is eligible for reduced fares, typically depending on where they live or if they have an E-ZPass.

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This means that in areas where the New Jersey Turnpike Authority has jurisdiction or where we have an agreement to charge residents and non-residents the same toll, E-ZPass holders in New Jersey will be able to take advantage of the discounted rates.

Even if the E-ZPass is accepted in New Jersey, drivers from Garden State may still be subject to out-of-state toll fees, as stated by Rooney. Before setting out on a trip, “drivers should be able to easily get such information online.
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To implement the then-emerging electronic toll-collecting technology, which involves electronic tags installed on vehicle windscreens to withdraw money from a prepaid account, seven toll agencies in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania formed the E-ZPass Group in 1990. The original regional toll-collecting system has now spread to 19 different states.

The group claims that in 2021 there were 32 million account holders making over .
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6 billion in transactions worth over $14 billion.


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