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The Autopsy Results for Tina Turner’s “Loving” Son Ronnie Turner Have Been Released.

Officials said on Tuesday that an autopsy of Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s son, revealed that he died from cardiovascular disease and complications from late-stage cancer.

Complications from metastatic colon carcinoma, which occurs when cancer has spread to other organs, were determined to be the primary cause of death, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office.The Autopsy Results for Tina Turner’s “Loving” Son Ronnie Turner Have Been Released.

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Coroner’s It was determined that atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, in which a buildup of lipids and cholesterol impedes blood flow, played a substantial role in his death.

The Coroner Ruled That the Death Was Accidental.

Last Thursday, Ronnie Turner passed away at the age of 62. The LAPD said to the New York Post that they found him gasping for air outside his Encino residence. TMZ said that he stopped breathing completely and that bystanders performed CPR.

Ronnie Turner, son of rock legends Ike and Tina Turner, reportedly had health problems but did not disclose a particular diagnosis before his death.

The Autopsy Results for Tina Turner's "Loving" Son Ronnie Turner Have Been Released.

On Instagram last week, Tina Turner shared a photo of herself with her eyes closed and wrote, “Ronnie, you departed the world way too early. While my eyes are closed in grief, my thoughts are with you, my cherished son.

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His wife Afida Turner paid tribute to him on Instagram as well, posting a photo of herself with Tina and Ronnie and calling him “a true angel” with a “big spirit.”

I was your mama, your nurse, your little monster,” Afida Turner wrote in all capital letters, punctuating the message with emojis. I gave it my all right up until the end.

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This is terrible, and it has made me very angry. U, your death is a tragedy, as is that of your brother Craig, your father, Ike Turner, and your mother, [Alline]. How unjust!

Their Wedding Took Place in March of 2007.

Ronnie’s older brother Craig Turner, who Tina had with musician Raymond Hill, committed suicide in 2018. A cocaine overdose claimed Ike Turner’s life in 2007. Tina Turner’s older sister, Alline Bullock, passed away in 2010.


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