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A Man Was Convicted of A Brutal Murder and Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison in New Jersey

To WOODBURY — A New Jersey court has given a murder suspect responsible for the brutal murder of his old mentor 35 years in jail for his crimes across two states.

In October, 48-year-old Sean Lannon pled guilty to first-degree murder for the March 2021 killing of 66-year-old Michael Dabkowski.
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According to authorities in Gloucester County, Lannon entered the victim’s East Greenwich house and killed him with a hammer attack.

Man gets 35 years for bloody NJ murder, charged in 4 more killings

When Lannon and his twin brother were young people in the 1980s, Dabkowski was a mentor for them through a local youth programme. Lannon informed police that Dabkowski had sexually molested him when he was a child and that he had gone to the house to get the images, but no proof of the abuse was ever shown in court.

In New Mexico, where Lannon was sentenced on Wednesday, he is still being held on murder charges for the gruesome murder of his ex-wife and two of her friends, whose decaying bodies were found in a pickup truck parked at an Albuquerque airport in March 2021.
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Following their deaths, the three were dismembered and their remains were stuffed into plastic bins, according to the police.

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Lannon is also being held responsible for the death of a man in New Mexico who, according to the investigators, consented to help him carry the bins without knowing what was inside.

What Is the Going Rate for Houses in New Jersey? Average Costs in Each State

Man gets 35 years for bloody NJ murder, charged in 4 more killings

In New Jersey, as in the rest of the country, house prices have risen along with everything else.

According to New Jersey Realtor data, from January through August of 2022, properties in South Jersey have been going on the market and selling in an average of less than a month.The median price of a single-family house in nine counties in North and Central Jersey is now $500,000 or more.

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On average, homes have sold for more than their asking price in all but two counties so far this year.


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