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A Temporary Bill of Rights for Workers in New Jersey is Approved by the Senate

The New Jersey Senate approved a bill on Thursday with a vote of 21 to 16 that supports the rights of temporary workers. Gov. Phil Murphy will now sign the law, which had caused alarm in the staffing sector.

The “Temp Worker Bill of Rights” legislation’s final vote had been postponed as its authors sought to increase public support, according to Because the law includes the amendments Gov. Murphy sought in a previous conditional veto, it is anticipated that he will sign it.

The law had raised questions. The measure would be very expensive and burdensome for New Jersey staffing agencies and the businesses that utilize them, according to Alexis Bailey, vice president of government affairs at the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. In the end, the legislation will harm the very workers it aims to save.

The NJBIA has always respected the goal of this legislation, according to Bailey. However, we have repeatedly cautioned that at least one key provision of it would significantly increase the cost of using temporary staffing agencies, endanger legitimate temporary staffing agencies, harm third-party businesses that use them, and, as a result, provide fewer opportunities for those looking for temporary employment.

After not having enough votes on prior occasions, the Senate finally managed to adopt a bill today that mandates that temporary workers receive the same pay and benefits as full-time employees, or the financial equivalent of those benefits.

As a result, according to Bailey, some temporary workers will be paid more than permanent staff, whose salaries are based on seniority and experience.

A Temporary Bill of Rights for Workers in New Jersey is Approved by the Senate

She added that as temp agencies enter into agreements with numerous companies that provide various benefit packages, there are also numerous logistical considerations to be made. All of these will make it incredibly challenging to find jobs for temporary employees.

However, advocates claim that the law will give temporary workers new rights. Sen. Joe Cryan of New Jersey, a Democrat from Union, who wrote the legislation, said: “This is an unseen workforce that has been left open to exploitation and cruelty.”

“Employers have defrauded them out of their earnings, withheld benefits, made them work in hazardous conditions, and imposed arbitrary fines.” These historical injustices will be addressed through the Bill of Rights, ensuring that these workers receive equitable treatment.

We value each employee and demand that they be treated decently. Approximately 100 licensed temp firms employ at least 127,000 people in New Jersey who work in the temporary labor sector.

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