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“Lakeside Session” Version of “Salt, Lime & Tequila” by Ryan Griffin Captures the Summer Vibe Perfectly!

During the Lakeside Session performance of his song “Salt, Lime & Tequila,” Ryan Griffin states, “It’s the little song that could.” As of this writing, the song has been streamed more than 14 million times on Spotify alone, making it the most-streamed song of the year.

Ryan claims that this song “placed me on the map… and I’ve never looked back.” As a result, it went viral over the web. “It’s been a joy to witness it connect with so many different folks.” “This is my first song that has really taken off and connected with people – as a Florida boy, I’ve got salt water in my veins.

The Lakeside Session Performance of His Song.

"Lakeside Session" Version of "Salt, Lime & Tequila" by Ryan Griffin Captures the Summer Vibe Perfectly!This song has changed my life, and I owe you a lot of thanks for that. Afterward, Ryan and his band perform a stripped-down version of “Salt, Lime, and Tequila” while seated next to the tranquil waters of the lagoon. Fans should be able to enjoy it till the end of the season, as it captures the essence of summer well.

In an interview with HollywoodLife, Ryan says, “it only felt natural to perform ‘Salt, Lime & Tequila’ as part of an acoustic Lakeside Sessions.” I think that’s why it struck a chord with people in the first place – being out on the sea and carefree.” Ryan was born with a passion for country music and the ocean in his veins.

Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney Perform at A Local Festival.

"Lakeside Session" Version of "Salt, Lime & Tequila" by Ryan Griffin Captures the Summer Vibe Perfectly!

Ryan grew up listening to the radio in the family car while working in the sod fields with his parents and siblings. When Ryan saw country music artists like Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney perform at a local festival with his father, he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life on stage like his idols.

Ryan’s farm-based work ethic helped him get a head start in his profession. As a teenager, he performed on a stage before enrolling at Belmont University to hone his musical abilities to the highest degree possible. With an internship at Broken Bow, he was able to put his Music Business degree to good use in the school’s country music showcase.

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The Beginnings of Ryan’s Career Were Rocky?

"Lakeside Session" Version of "Salt, Lime & Tequila" by Ryan Griffin Captures the Summer Vibe Perfectly!

However, the beginnings of Ryan’s career were rocky, as he struggled to find a record company and publisher. When 2017 arrived around, he had to decide whether or not to continue making music.

Ryan released his EP, Sake of the Summer, which included the song “Woulda Left Me Too,” at the behest of his wife. On Spotify, the song had over 16 million streams. The popularity of “Dibs,” the song he co-wrote with singer Kelsea Ballerini, was quickly duplicated.

Slow Down Sunrise, which is set for release in 2022, will be his follow-up album. A little “Salt, Lime, and Tequila” plus an online following of 775k+ followers (and 4.3 million likes) on TikTok helped Ryan build momentum. That’s great, cheers.


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