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‘Abbott Elementary’s Janelle James Teases Ava’s ‘Final Straw’ Performance!

This time, Janelle James is returning in a new form. The Final Straw, ABC’s new game show, starts July 10 and features the breakout star of Abbott Elementary.

During ABC’s summer press junket for The Final Straw, Janelle spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the show’s “tension, humor, antics, colorful characters, and so much more.” It’s either a lot of money or nothing at all for some people.

Does Final Straw Feature Four Teams of Competitors?

'Abbott Elementary's Janelle James Teases Ava's 'Final Straw' Performance!

” On the other hand, there’s also me joking around. First and foremost, that’s the most important thing. She quipped, “It’s me.” Final Straw features four teams of competitors battling against gravity and physics as they attempt to remove items from themed piles in order to face off against The Mega Stack for a chance to win the $250,000 grand prize.

Tipsy the Panda, a charmingly mischievous panda, will also join Janelle onstage for the show. As a host, Janelle had a lot of freedom. Janelle admitted that she “truly wanted to get as much of myself in there as I could.” One of the things that attracted me to the idea was just that.” ‘We want you to do your thing,’ they said. I’ll admit, there are times when I sound like a game show host.

It’s impossible to avoid it. Things are how they are for the time being. In the meantime, we’ll be back in a second. I like that one best. The actor also gave her thoughts on how Ava might manage to be on The Final Straw. As Janelle said to HollywoodLife, “I mean, of course, she’d enjoy the money element.

Abbott Elementary Would Win the Final Straw?

'Abbott Elementary's Janelle James Teases Ava's 'Final Straw' Performance!” This appearance could lead to future appearances on other game shows or sponsorship of some kind, but I think she’d be more concerned about that.” She only cares about the location of the cameras, not the prize itself.

According to Janelle, “probably Tyler [James Williams]” from Abbott Elementary would win The Final Straw. When he’s not on the show, he’s as focused as he is in real life.

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The Second Season of Abbott Elementary?

'Abbott Elementary's Janelle James Teases Ava's 'Final Straw' Performance!

The way he’s looking at the situation, it’s clear he’s taking it very seriously.” She is presently filming the second season of Abbott Elementary, which was a breakout success.

When asked about season 2, she teased that viewers would “get to see inside some folks’ houses, so we leave the school here and there. ” Janelle hopes that her character “continues to be nasty” in regards to Abbott’s self-centered principal, Ava. On September 21, the second season of Abbott Elementary will premiere.


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