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The Ex-Husband of Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend Rich Paul Attends Singer’s Concert in London!

In her corner, there are kind folks ready to lend a hand. Adele was joined onstage by some recognizable people as she finished her headline concert at the BST Hyde Park Festival.
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“Someone Like You” singer Rich Paul and Simon Konecki,

her ex-husband, was spotted enjoying the event together as she screamed out her greatest hits in London on July 1. The 40-year-old sports agent sat next to Konecki, 48, who was sporting a camouflage hoodie and sunglasses. They were joined by the 2015 wedding of Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden.

Enjoying the Event Together.

The Ex-Husband of Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Rich Paul Attends Singer's Concert in London!

In a black gown and her trademark updo, the British singer sang several of her best-known songs on stage. It’s the first night of Hyde Park Night! How many people! In a heartfelt message sent on Instagram on Saturday, July 2, Adele expressed her gratitude to her fans and expressed her excitement about performing again the following night. This is the second time in one year that the Klutch Sports Group founder and the NBA Finals host have been sighted together at an event.

“It’s impossible to conceive that they won’t remain together for a very long time at this point.” In October, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that the two “match each other well,” and that “she really feels like she got the jackpot.” Adele was previously married to Konecki, the father of her 9-year-old son Angelo, with whom she plans to divorce in March 2021. “I was simply going through the motions and I wasn’t pleased,” she said in an interview with Vogue in October of that year.

A True Relationship with Another Human Being?

The Ex-Husband of Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Rich Paul Attends Singer's Concert in London!

“Neither of us was to blame for anything. We didn’t do anything to hurt each other. Simply, I want my son to witness me in a true relationship with another human being who loves me back. To me, it’s quite significant. It has a jarring effect. Inquiringly, “Who am I?” To what end am I aspiring? ‘What is it about you that makes me so happy?’ “All of the above.”

“I recall sitting out there with two of my pals,” the native Englishman continued. and I was wondering, ‘When will this end?’ And they said, “It will come.” ‘Yeah, but how much time?’ I asked. And one of them broke down in tears and said, ‘I have no idea.’ A roller coaster is in store.’ As well as.” Even though the couple announced their breakup in 2019, they have continued to be good parents.

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The Ex-Husband of Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Rich Paul Attends Singer's Concert in London!

I’m glad [Angelo] knows I still care about his father. During her November 2021 CBS special, the “Set Fire to Rain” artist said, “We live across the street from each other, and we’re away together sometimes.” “Even without Angelo, Simon and I continue our banter. Angelo may or may not be in class. Without a doubt, [we’re still friends]. “He’s the one I look up to the most.”

“I’m still not over it, of me choosing to deconstruct my child’s life for my own makes me extremely uncomfortable,” she said at the time. I’m not troubled by remorse; I just get a little conceited from time to time. Knowing I’m on the verge of achieving true contentment is a great feeling. As a Spectator. With Madden and her ex-husband, Paul attended his girlfriend’s show on Friday. Aspirations for the Whole Family. On Adele’s big night, Paul and Konecki proved that their support was their top priority.


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