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Julie Chen Looks Gorgeous Even without Any Makeup Applied!

Selfies without make-up by well-known people are nothing new (just check out this roundup of stars who ditched cosmetics).

“What’s up?” TV hosts stripping down to their underwear live on television! Earlier this week, Tyra Banks, Julie Chen, and Chrissy Teigen appeared on their talk shows without any makeup on.

Take a look at the images below to see what I mean! During The Talk’s “season premiere of secrets” two years ago, Chen revealed that she had plastic surgery in her early 20s to expand her eye shape.
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For omitting to mention any further surgeries that she may have had done, she was criticized on social media (people accused her of also getting a nose job and cheek implants).

How Is Looking at Julie Chen without Makeup?
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Julie Chen Looks Gorgeous Even without Any Makeup Applied!

As a response to her critics, she recorded a time-lapse video of herself getting her cosmetics done before the program aired on Tuesday’s broadcast (a reverse barefaced reveal, if you will). When Julie Chen sat down in the makeup chair, we saw her make-up artists contour her face for the first time, with her nose still the same form as it was before she had any plastic surgery.

How did it turn out? Her appearance is nothing short of stunning. What’s the main point here? Contouring has the power to alter appearances. On the FABLife show, meantime, the hosts also showed off their “naked from the neck-up” bodies, as well.

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With Makeup.

Julie Chen Looks Gorgeous Even without Any Makeup Applied!

By taking off their makeup live on television, the hosts of their nude-themed show, Leah Ashley and Lauren Makk honored the show’s naked theme. You may recall that Banks is no stranger to the natural look (we’re sure she gave the others a fairly amazing pep talk before the show).

For her June Instagram post, she published a dramatic picture of her face without any make-up in order to give her followers a taste of the “truly genuine me,” stating, “Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me.” Then I said to myself, “Naw, Ty. “Show them who you really are.”


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