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Jeffree Star without Makeup: Jeffree’s Abilities Have only Become Better Over Time!

We’ve come to expect Jeffree Star to put on a dramatic face of makeup, whether it’s a neon smokey eye or a sparkly bronzer. Has anyone seen a YouTuber without their make-up and props? When it comes to Urban Decay’s Meltdown Makeup Remover line, we get a look at just that in his most recent video.

There are a plethora of cosmetic products on Jeffree’s face at the beginning of the video; she’s wearing thickly pigmented liquid lipstick. He can wipe off his makeup with a washcloth and not have to worry about it clinging to his face thanks to the Dissolving Spray from Urban Decay, the clear Lip Oil Stick, and the Cleansing Oil Stick. You know you want to see Jeffree without any makeup on, so click on the video above to take a peek. Jeffree Star is always changing up his appearance, but as you can see in the video above, the self-described alien occasionally strips down for his fans.

What Was Jeffrey’s Previous Appearance?

jeffree star without makeup

Jeffrey and I began experimenting with cosmetics when we were just 13 years old, but it took him some time to perfect his technique. Jeffrey used to steal his mother’s eye shadow as an adolescent, but he was soon working at a cosmetics counter like Mac and doing makeup so effectively that he could make a career out of it.

It’s hard to tell Jeffrey now from the guy he was before he discovered his love of pink and the feminine side of life. But I believe he still has the same face shape he had when he was younger. In his yearbook photo, Jeffrey Steininger begins to show off his trademark flair. You obviously refined Jeffrey’s appearance with his signature pink hair and eyebrows as he became more well-known due to the OG networking site, my space.

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Surgery on The Brow.

jeffree star without makeup

The First Thing to Note Is that In His Shane Dawson Docuseries, Jeffrey Has Admitted to Having Brow Surgery. Jeffrey Star Is a Mystery to Most People, Are You a Man? Yes, I’m a Woman. What Are You Attempting to Achieve in Your Life? to Sum It Up, I’m a Big Fan of Free Speech in General.

I Don’t Consider Myself a Drag Queen Because I Don’t Wear Wigs or False Tits, but I Am Fascinated and Motivated by Fashion in General. when I First Became Interested in Makeup as A Career, I Was Enamored with The Notion that A Few Makeup Brushes Could Transform One’s Appearance Dramatically. so I Don’t Really Identify Myself as A Person at All. The Fact That I’m a Man Is Obvious. in Light of The Fact that My Mother Blessed Me, I’m Not Planning on Having a Sex Change. I’ll Simply Remain a Man While Dressing in Female Clothing.

A Healthy Diet and Way of Life.

jeffree star without makeup


Jeffrey Has Fantastic Skin for His Age, but He Refuses to Use Botox and Instead Swear by High-End Skincare Products, a Strict Skincare Regimen, and A Healthy Diet and Lifestyle. He Also Consumes a Large Amount of Water on A Daily Basis.

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jeffree star without makeup

Jeffrey’s Tattoos and Their Early Days Have Also Evolved Since Then. Now He’s Completely Coated in Ink from Head to Toe, and He Already Had Quite a Few. Even His Tattoo Diary Recordings Have Been Uploaded to His YouTube Account. His Great Grandmother, Audrey Hepburn, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, the Mona Lisa, and Patrick Bateman Are Just a Few of The Famous People Jeffrey Has Inked on His Body. There Are, of Course, Many More Examples.

As Time Passes, It’s Evident that Jeffrey Has only Improved in Terms of His Abilities, but He Has Never Shied Away from Being Himself. as Far as I Can Tell, He Looks Fantastic and Continues to Outperform the Competition.

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