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Who Is Jayland Walker: ‘Heartbreaking’ Footage of Jayland Walker Being Shot up To 60 Times by Akron Police Has Been Released!

Ohio’s AKRON According to Akron, Ohio’s police chief, a 25-year-old Black man was shot more than 60 times but was unarmed at the time of his death last week. Joyland Walker, the man who was shot and killed by police on Monday after escaping from officers during a routine traffic stop, was one of the first facts to emerge in the case.

On Sunday, police revealed body camera footage of the chase and shooting that showed officers’ actions, but the investigation into his death, which is still ongoing, has been further complicated. There was just one traffic ticket on Mr. Walker’s record, and that was all. For an equipment violation and a traffic infraction, police say they first tried to stop him.

 what Is Denouncing Police Aggression?

Who Is Jayland Walker: 'Heartbreaking' Footage of Jayland Walker Being Shot up To 60 Times by Akron Police Has Been Released!

According to the police, eight policemen were placed on administrative leave for their role in the incident. There were protests in downtown Akron after the tapes were released, demanding justice for Mr. Walker and denouncing police aggression, as Mr. Walker’s family pleaded with the community to stay quiet. A popping sound can be heard in one video, and an officer claims to hear gunfire coming from the door of Mr. Walker’s vehicle. Footage from outside the vehicle appears to show a muzzle flare coming from Mr. Walker’s driver’s side door, but the actual shot is not seen.

During the press conference, the police revealed that a handgun had been found in Mr. Walker’s vehicle and that a bullet casing had been discovered where they alleged he shot, which was consistent with the weapon recovered in Mr. Walker’s vehicle. In a still image released by authorities, a revolver and a gold ring could be seen on the seat. Car tragedy recently claimed the life of Mr. Walker’s long-term girlfriend.

Located the Weapon in The Car After His Death.

Who Is Jayland Walker: 'Heartbreaking' Footage of Jayland Walker Being Shot up To 60 Times by Akron Police Has Been Released!

Walker family attorney Bobby DiCello claimed that Mr. Walker had only recently obtained the weapon in question. “We don’t know if it accidentally fired since Joyland wasn’t experienced with firearms,” he added. “However, when they located the weapon in the car after his death, authorities found no rounds in it.”

The police did not say if the handgun in the car was loaded, but they did say that there was a loaded magazine on the seat of the vehicle. It took over seven minutes for the chase to come to an end, and during that time, an officer can be heard remarking that Mr. Walker’s car is slowing down. Speeds of more than 50 miles per hour were occasionally attained by Mr. Walker’s automobile as he drove through residential areas. Mr. Walker, dressed in a ski mask, jumped out of the car and fled on foot seconds later.
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The Medical Examiner’s Findings.

Who Is Jayland Walker: 'Heartbreaking' Footage of Jayland Walker Being Shot up To 60 Times by Akron Police Has Been Released!

Footage appears to show several officers pursuing Mr. Walker into a nearby parking lot while yelling at him during the brief chase. Initially, police officers tried to use Tasers, but they were ineffective. Soon after, the officers open fire, and the man is knocked to the floor.

The Akron police chief, Stephen L. Mylett, said he couldn’t say how many shots had been fired at Mr. Walker. Although he mentioned the medical examiner’s findings, he was unable to corroborate the actual number of bullets that impacted him, but he predicted that the number would be “quite high.” The cops said that Mr. Walker made a “waist area” motion toward them, according to Chief Mylett. That Mr. Walker was unarmed when he escaped from his vehicle was confirmed by the chief of police.

An Earlier Meeting with The Family.

Mr. DiCello, on the other hand, claims that at an earlier meeting with the family and the police chief, the chief stated that he had not seen any proof that the officers’ lives were in danger. An investigation is underway by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. In the end, the case will be sent to the Office of the Ohio Attorney General for review.

Prosecutors will decide whether or not to bring charges against the officers involved in the shooting, but similar cases of police shootings have seldom resulted in charges being brought. Whether or not there was a gunshot during the chase could have a significant impact on the prosecution’s decision and lend credence to the cops’ allegations that they were in danger.

The Police’s Press Conference.

Who Is Jayland Walker: 'Heartbreaking' Footage of Jayland Walker Being Shot up To 60 Times by Akron Police Has Been Released!

Mr. DiCello took issue with the police’s press conference portrayal of Mr. Walker. In his words, “They want to make him into a gun-wielding masked monster.” At the press conference, attorneys for the family questioned the city’s decision to reveal only portions of the footage and demanded that it do so in its entirety.

According to police, they intend to make public all of the footage captured by officers’ body cameras during the incident. Eight cops who were directly involved, along with five others who witnessed the incident, would be included in this, they added.

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The Fashion Company Owner’s Wife Monique:

Who Is Jayland Walker: 'Heartbreaking' Footage of Jayland Walker Being Shot up To 60 Times by Akron Police Has Been Released!

Because of the shooting, sentiments in Akron were already high before the video was made public on Sunday. The Akron N.A.A.C.P. arranged a march and rally outside City Hall the following day after more than 100 protesters chanted and held signs just outside downtown. African American barbershop owner Chris Mercury says that “it just keeps propagating the same thing over and over again,” he tells the Akron Beacon Journal. People in the country, he said, would continue to believe that this was the person’s responsibility.
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According to the fashion company owner’s wife Monique: “And at the end of the day, the threat to those who were in a similar position to Walker… the danger is immediate no matter what they do.” ” People of all colors and backgrounds need to be aware of what’s occurring, and it just seems to be growing worse,” she said. It was the Walker family’s hope that the city would refrain from violence.

As Mr. DiCello put it, “if you can do anything for the family, please give peace, decency, and justice a chance for Joyland” on Sunday. “The folks I work with are very private. As a child, Joyland was a quiet one. He wasn’t married at the time of the interview. No, he wasn’t guilty of any crime. He seemed to be in a lot of discomforts. “He wasn’t deserving of death.”


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