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Nicholas Crown Net Worth: Early Life, Education, Career, Biography, House, Cars, Girlfriend, and More!

Nicholas Crown Net Worth: As of 2022, Nicholas Crown, a well-known TikTok personality and successful entrepreneur, had a net worth of $10 million. Because of his fantastic “Rich vs. Really Rich” content, he is well-liked on TikTok.

Nicholas has a calming voice and is an accomplished guitarist. People adore him because of his inspiring and upbeat attitude.

Nicholas Crown’s Net Worth & Income

Net Worth $10 Million
Annual Income $480,000
Monthly Income $40,000
Profession Entrepreneur
Age 36 Years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Libra

Nicholas Crown’s Early Life

The age of Nicholas Crown is 36. His birthplace is Livingston, New Jersey, USA, and he was born on September 30, 1985.

When Crown was 7 years old, his parents separated, which greatly affected him.

He began playing the guitar to find comfort. He is an accomplished guitarist who competed in numerous events while a student.

Nicholas Crown Age, Net Worth, Family, Rich vs. Really Rich | Stark Times

Nicholas Crown’s Education

Since he was a little child, Nicholas Crown excelled in school. Crown maintained a perfect GPA throughout his academic career. He had excellent grades in high school and was admitted to Cornell University, where he graduated with a BS in Applied Economics and Management.

Nicholas Crown’s Career

Nicholas Crown began working at the New York Mercantile Exchange as a clerk in 2005, learning under Mark Fisher. Later, he relocated to London, worked as an analyst for Barclays Capital, and then went to New York to work on the fundamental trading desk, a developing industry.

He began working with UBS in 2011 when he established a fiber optic trading company and a partnership with an antiquated trading platform. Many renowned personalities paid attention to his work.

For his “reverse engineering recruiting technology,” Nicholas Crown is well known.

He left Wall Street in 2013 and founded his own business. The name of his business is “Resume Atelier.” This organization creates ATS-formatted resumes for applicants, increasing the likelihood that they will be chosen.

Nicholas left the banking industry in 2015 to pursue his passion as a musician. He established the Blues-rock group. The award for best new band went to this group.

Nicholas founded “Amoeba,” his second business, in 2021. This business teaches clients how to master the market. He serves as this company’s Chief Strategist as well.

His companies provide the following services: Growth Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Resume Writing, and Resume Review.

Crown also has a large following on Instagram and Tik Tok, where he educates users on the distinction between Rich and Rich.

He is also an SEO expert and makes a good living from his abilities.

He entered into a contract in 2022 for social network promotion with FinTech and many other businesses.

Nicholas Crown Age, Net Worth, Family, Rich vs. Really Rich | Stark Times

Nicholas Crown’s Biography

Name Nicholas Crown
Age 36 Years
Birthdate September 30, 1985
Birthplace Livingston, NJ
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Father Larry DiNorscio
Mother Deborah McCoy
Brother Michael DiNorscio
Girlfriend N/A
Education Cornell University
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $10 Million
Instagram 💰 Rich vs Rich 💰
Youtube Nicholas Crown

Family of Nicholas Crown

Larry DiNorscio is Nicholas Crown’s father, and Deborah McCoy is his mother. Crown is a reclusive individual. He doesn’t want to talk about his private life in public, thus there is no information on the subject. The only thing that is known is that they separated when Nicholas was just 7 years old.

Michael DiNorscio is the brother of Nicholas Crown. Both brothers get along well and are at ease with one another.

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Crown has never introduced or talked about his family on social media. He has done a good job of keeping his private life concealed from inquisitive eyes.

Girlfriend of Nicholas Crown

At this time, Nicholas Crown is not dating. He is a workaholic who now wants to devote his time to growing his company’s profits and building a reputation for himself.

Nicholas Crown Age, Net Worth, Family, Rich vs. Really Rich | Stark Times

He denied them and stated that he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship, despite their allegations that he was seeing several socialites and a female photographer. We might thus conclude that he is currently primarily concerned with his business.

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However, there are speculations that he is seeing someone else secretly and keeps her out of the spotlight.

Articles by Nicholas Crown

Nicholas Crown also writes on occasion. He published various pieces that were well-liked by those working in the business world. He has written three articles: “The Prize Fight: Buzzword vs. Keyword,” “The Big Chat: 30 Coaches in 30 Days,” and “5 Steps to Slaying the Hiring Robots.” Big names enjoyed these articles, and they got favorable feedback.

The Nicholas Crown Facts

  • Guitarist Nicholas Crown performs. In his early years, he studied the guitar, and throughout his time as a student, he took part in several tournaments.
  • Also, a vocalist is Nicholas Crown. He communicates his emotions through his voice rather efficiently, and it is lovely and calming.
  • The brilliant and independent business entrepreneur Nicholas Crown. He built his company via his labor alone, with no outside financial assistance.

House & Cars of Nicholas Crown

Nicholas Crown has an opulent way of life. He resides in the home he paid for himself, which is in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. His house is opulent and gorgeous. Crown is quite happy to display his special collection of automobiles.

Nicholas Crown’s Net Worth

In 2022, Nicholas Crown will have a net worth of around $10 million.


His TikTok account is his main source of revenue. Through sponsorships, brand promotions, and commercials, he makes a lot of money.

He also makes money from the wildly successful young people’s idea of Rich vs. Really Rich.

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Crown enterprises also bring in a significant quantity of money. His enterprises are expanding, his yearly income is roughly $480,000, and profits are progressively rising.


Who is Nicholas Crown?

Rich vs. Rich, Nicholas’s popular TikTok series, has made him a successful entrepreneur and well-known figure.


How much is Nicholas Crown worth?

In 2022, Nicholas Crown will have a $10 million net worth.

How old is Nicholas Crown?

The age of Nicholas Crown is 35. He was born on September 30, 1985.

How tall is Nicholas Crown?

Due to his desire for secrecy, Nicholas Crown’s height and weight are unknown, although his perfectly well-built figure may be seen. The sign of the Crown is Libra.

Is Nicholas Crown rich?

Millionaire self-made, Nicholas Crown. He is the owner of property estimated to be worth $10 million.


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