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Is Addison Rae Mom Pregnant? TikTok star Addison Rae Denies Pregnancy Rumors!

Solo celebration! After taking a nearly two-week hiatus from TikTok, star Addison Rae addressed rumors that she is pregnant. On Sunday, July 12, a fan account posted a video of the 19-year-old putting her hand over her stomach while out, with the comment “Is @addisonre………?” Rae said in the comments, “No just insecure.” Consequently, a large number of internet personality supporters have spoken out against the cyberbully’s body-shamers.

Good job highlighting her fears, one TikTok user remarked. Another person chimed on, “Why do ppl talk about her she’s perfect the way she is! You guys have got to quit! Earlier on Tuesday, July 7, Rae’s on-and-off boyfriend Bryce Hall dispelled reports that she was pregnant by saying, “Let me just clear it up: She’s not pregnant. Why that’s even a thing is beyond me. He reassured her followers that there was no need to worry about her sudden disappearance from the video-sharing service, saying, “She’s alright, just know that.

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In 2022, Is Sheri Nicole Pregnant?

 Is Addison Rae Mom Pregnant?

Fans have speculated that the 20-year-old dancer and the second-most-followed user on TikTok, who just reconciled, are trying to rekindle their relationship. In 2022, is Sheri Nicole pregnant? Sorry, but Sheri Nicole is not expecting in 2022. She raises her three kids—Enzo Lopez, Lucas Lopez, and Addison Ray—on her own. She and her partner, Monty Lopez, have three children together.
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However, since the new information regarding his problem was released online, she is no longer legally married to him.

Sheri’s eldest daughter recently made headlines when she decided to stop following her mother on social media. It appears that not long after Addison Rae stopped following her father Lopez on Instagram, she began unfollowing her mother Sheri Easterling as well. The decision was made a few months after it was revealed that her father had allegedly had contact with influential 25-year-old Renée Ash.

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Legally Married to Addison’s Mother?

 Is Addison Rae Mom Pregnant?

The announcement of the unfollowing was made by the Tik Tok Room TM Instagram account, and Easterling commented on it. With a sad face emoji, Easterling sighed, “Terrible.

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” Addison, age 21, has recently pressed the “unfollow” button on yet another member of the Easterling family. Fans saw that Rae and her mom had unfollowed Monty on Instagram a couple of times before the rumor of Monty’s claimed project became public.

Lopez and Easterling’s virtual stalking of their girl continues. This new development comes after Addison said that rumors about her father’s extramarital affairs had made it difficult for her to post on social media and walk outside for exercise. Renee Ash, age 25, recently claimed that she and 46-year-old Monty Lopez, Addison’s father, had an ongoing unlawful relationship while he was still legally married to Addison’s mother, Sheri.

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The MTV Video Music Awards Together.

 Is Addison Rae Mom Pregnant?

Addison hasn’t addressed the incident head-on, but she did hint at it in a tweet she sent out a month ago.
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Is Yung Gravy Sheri Nicole’s boyfriend? There is some evidence that the romance rumors about Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy are true because the two were spotted attending the MTV Video Music Awards together.

Nicole is 42 and Gravy is only 26, so there is a significant age gap between the two of them. After the rapper’s public dispute with the ex-spouse, Monty Lopez, the couple was spotted out together. “I hit on her at first, I was aware of her, and I felt she was wonderful,” the “Betty” rapper revealed to Page Six of the unexpected endeavor. The rapper said that they met in person after having previously communicated via “the web” and “Facetime.”


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