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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Breakup? Ronnie’s Exclusive Announcement of Their Breakup!

A source close to Ronnie has confirmed to E! News exclusively that the Jersey Shore star and the lash technician have broken off their engagement. They have “a tendency of breaking up and getting back together,” but an insider claims that Ronnie is keeping his “cool head” during this latest breakup.

According to the source, Ronnie has always been supportive of Saffire’s endeavors and has “worked hard on his mental health and kept sober.” He was always there to back her up in all she did, from school to business to her mental, emotional, and physical health.

Confirmed Their Breakup

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro breakup

In the meantime, a friend of Saffire’s told E! News that she broke up with him so that she could “focus on her family and work.” Saffire didn’t seem to mind that Ronnie had legal problems, so the couple kept dating. An extremely large celebration was thrown in their honor in October 2021, following their engagement, but an anonymous source revealed exclusively to In Touch that Ronnie and Saffire’s relationship had been “on the rocks” for a “few weeks” in November of the same year.

They have disputes like any other couple, but sometimes the fights get pretty serious, and they wind up spending time apart, the person said. Also, “she won’t wear her ring, block him, remove images of him she’s ever taken, etc.
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“In response to Page Six’s inquiries, the on-again, off-again couple’s representatives remained silent.

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Their Engagement

It was claimed in The Sun on Wednesday that the couple had broken up their engagement and relationship roughly three weeks prior. According to a source, “they were fighting like crazy in early June and called it quits by the middle of the month,” after which Matos “moved out of Ronnie’s home in Los Angeles and back to the East Coast in mid-June.”

Magro was arrested in April 2021 for suspected domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend Jen Harley, with whom he shares a 4-year-old daughter. He had been charged with domestic violence in 2020 after an incident with Harley, and he was on probation at the time. Matos tried to defend him at the time, calling allegations about what happened that night “misleading,” but the circumstances of the purported altercation remain unclear.

Their Relationship

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro breakup

User remarking that “no one recognized [her] name except through Ronnie” and that Matos “succumbed to distorting [her] natural beauty” prompted another response from Matos. “It doesn’t matter to me what I’m best known for. To make a name for me was not my purpose. Ultimately, my goal in going was to start a family “Matos gave an answer. “Put an end to the assumption that everyone craves recognition. I’m not looking for fame; I just want a future.

” In October of 2020, Ortiz-Magro made his connection with Matos public by posting a photo of the two of them kissing on social media. In June of 2021, they announced their engagement. According to PEOPLE’s insider at the time, Ortiz-Magro popped the question on a Los Angeles beach.
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He also planned a picnic for the two of them privately. Ariana, his daughter with ex-girlfriend Jen Harley, is 4 years old and was there with her family.

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Announced Their Breakup but Why?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro breakup

A close confidant of the family revealed, “Ronnie has taken this time to concentrate on himself and his daughter.” This was the proper time for him, he thought. They are both incredibly delighted for this next chapter in their lives,” the insider added of Ortiz-Magro and Matos. The most crucial factor is “his health and happiness,” the insider stressed. Ortiz-Magro announced he had been clean for four months, two months after they got engaged.

“I’m in fantastic shape right now. This is month four of my sobriety. I put down the bottle, found true love, became a full-time dad, and am generally happy and successful at this point in my life “In August of 2021, he revealed this information to TMZ. To “deal with my mental health,” “be a father to my child,” and “be a fiancĂ© to my girlfriend,” he stated, “I stepped away from [Jersey Shore]. “I know all the fans adore me, and I love them too, so I’ll be back to give them what they want, and I’ll see them again very soon.”


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