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Soto Breakup With Le Ann Rimes’ Ex-Husband Dean Sheremet!

Sabrina Soto, a celebrity on HGTV, broke off her engagement to Dean Sheremet on Sunday. Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been wearing my ring,” Soto, 46, admitted on Instagram. I’ve never been happier with the decision I made than when I called off the engagement.

She then said, “Sending love to anybody navigating a life shift. You’re capable of handling this. Sheremet, 41, posted on Friday about “difficult times,” implying that he had broken up with his girlfriend. Focusing on his abilities, work ethic, and son were the things over which he had the most say, he wrote. The time has come for me to rediscover my inner strength.

Their Engagement

Sabrina Soto Breakup?

After making their romance Instagram official in July 2021, Soto and the chef confirmed their engagement in December of that year. Remembering who you are and what you value most is crucial in trying times. He wrote on Instagram on July 2:

“My body has been put under great stress lately, and with @rebalancehealth I can feel the natural rhythms of my cortisol staying in check.” Time to zero on the things over which I do have some say my skills, my work ethic, and my son. I need to find my groove again! They had a low-key relationship prior to their breakup but made their engagement public late last year.

The HGTV star, who was proposed to in December 2021, captioned an Instagram photo of the event with the words “I said absolutely.” A photo of Soto’s rose-gold banded ring by David Alan was included in the post. The three-star Michelin chef shared his own personal perspective on the touching moment.

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Their Divorce

Sabrina Soto Breakup?

To SABRINA: “Happy Birthday!” Photographs taken by Sheremet at Carmel by the Sea were accompanied by descriptive captions. The prospect of expanding our lovely family excites me beyond words. My partner Atlas and I are really fortunate to have found you. (Her response was, “Yes, of course.”) The current host of the podcast “Dive Right In with Dean Sheremet” was previously married to singer/actress LeAnn Rimes from 2002 to 2010.

In light of the singer’s publicized relationship with Eddie Cibrian, the two decided to part ways. In 2011, Rimes, then 39, wed Cibrian, then 49.
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The couple divorced in 2016, but the trainer quickly found another partner in Sarah Silver, to whom he had been married from 2011 to 2016. Sheremet was linked to Vanessa Black after his second divorce and the two became engaged in March 2018. A full five months later, the filmmaker gave birth to a baby they named Atlas.

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Before He Met Sabrina Soto, Who Was Dean Sheremet Dating?

Sabrina Soto Breakup?

After Eight Years of Marriage, Dean Sheremet and Le Ann Rimes’ Union Was Shattered by A Scandalous Affair in 2009.
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Us Weekly Claims that Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, Then-Husband to Brandi Glanville, Were Caught Having an Affair, Which Led to Sheremet’s Divorce. Cibrian and Rimes Were Working Together on the Lifetime movie “Northern Lights” at the time.

Due to his wife’s complete dependence on him, Sheremet did not suspect adultery when he and her co-star had an intimate encounter on the set. In 2015, Sheremet broke the news of his affair with Natalie Thomas to E! News’s Natalie Thomas.

“This is the last thing I expected to happen. She desperately needed me in her life.  There were several things that she needed me for.” While critiquing her choices, he said, “The dumbest thing she ever did for her career was divorcing me, because we were such a fantastic combination.”


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