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Is Gina Rodriguez Pregnant? She Are Expecting Their First Child!

A cast member from Jane the Virgin There will soon be a new addition to the LoCicero family, thanks the efforts of Gina Rodriguez and Joe. You should read her adorable pregnancy announcement. A real-life version of Jane the Virgin is expecting a child.

The CW show’s star, Gina Rodriguez, is expecting her first child with her husband Joe LoCicero. On her 38th birthday, July 30, she took to Instagram to share the news that she was expecting.

The actress posted a video of the couple’s romantic moments, including a photo of her holding a positive home pregnancy test, along with the caption, “This birthday hits different.”

She has Announced Their Pregnancy?

is gina rodriguez pregnant

Celebrities like Viola Davis, Andy Grammer, and Edwin Hodge (whom Gina directed on the show Good Sam) all offered their congratulations to the star. Former co-stars Diana Maria Riva (Our Family Wedding, Kajillionaire), Joseph Julian Soria (Enter the Dangerous Mind, Filly Brown), Arielle Kebbel (The Talk, 2018), and Derek Hough (Jane the Virgin, 2016) sent their congratulations as well.

Rodriguez stated on Ellen DeGeneres’ show in 2016 that she desires a child “so bad.
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” Her enthusiastic “I do” summed up all her feelings perfectly. “But I don’t want the full procedure, I just want one to arrive, like the stork dialogue,” Rodriguez said. “Maybe I should look into adoption.

Sure, I could see myself doing that. Adoption is a path I wish to pursue.” She went on to say of filming Jane the Virgin with her co-stars’ newborn twins: “When they put the baby on my tummy, it’s like my ovaries let out a collective “ahh!” Baby, come here!”

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Their Engagement

is gina rodriguez pregnant

In 2016, after meeting on the set of Jane the Virgin, where he had a guest starring role as a stripper, the Golden Globe winner began dating LoCicero, a fellow actor and mixed martial arts fighter. As speculations swirled in 2018 about her diamond ring, she finally announced their engagement exclusively to PEOPLE. I’m engaged now!” she exclaimed. “He tops the list. You can’t find a better guy than him, period. I’ve been keeping our engagement a secret for over a month now.”

“I hesitate to even admit that this is taking place. To simply exist would be enough for me. Just the fact that individuals care so much is a tremendous gift in my opinion. That’s a wonderful experience because it involves something so lovely. But there’s also a part of me that wants to hold on to something personal, since I don’t have nearly as much of that as I used to “Finally, Rodriguez chimed in.

Their Wedding

In May of this year, the happy couple announced their wedding on social media with a video of their ceremony. “The evening of May 4th, 2019, was nothing short of MAGICAL. I give my undying love to my hubby Joseph “She dubbed her caption. Sauces are one of her go-to items on Amazon Launchpad because they satisfy her craving for cuisine with lots of flavors. The celebrity says, “This baby really enjoys hot foods.”

Rodriguez says she isn’t the type of pregnant person who has the nursery perfectly organized or every baby’s clothing put up yet, despite her joy about becoming a parent. Rodriguez admits, “I’m a little bit of a mess.” “This last weekend, I got a start on it, but then I became weary and hungry and had to stop. Instead, I decided to take a nap.”

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The Second Annual Innovation Month

is gina rodriguez pregnant

Rodriguez, who is soon to become a mother, wants to use her newfound influence for good. So, to help mark the second annual Innovation Month, she’s collaborating with Amazon Launchpad. Many women- and minority-owned businesses are among the brands, entrepreneurs, and startups highlighted by Amazon Launchpad’s Innovation Grants program.

Rodriguez can relate to the struggle to break into the industry because he did the same thing.
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Rodriguez believes it is “really powerful” when a large corporation like Amazon utilizes its influence to help smaller enterprises. “I had no prior experience in the field, came from a low-income family, and am only where I am now due to the generosity of others. To be in a position to help others, in the same way, warms my heart.”


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