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Is Candace Owen Pregnant? On Social Media, She Made the Pregnancy Announcement!

Candace Owens and her husband, George Farmer, recently shared the exciting news that they are expecting their second child. Owens announced the birth of her first child with a photo of herself and her new husband. Family of 4! # July 2022,” she said in the tweet’s caption.

They had their first child together on January 13, 2021, and Owens’s name is listed as the mother. Owens said, after the birth of her son, “It’s true what they say—the world stops when your child is born.” 1/13/21 My very own, very own, firstborn son.

 Candace Owens Will Be Having Her Baby?

is candace owen pregnant

Candace Owens, 32, announced the pregnancy on Instagram and Twitter on February 8, 2022, alongside photographs of herself, Farmer, and their son. They’ll be a family of four come July 2022, she tweeted. Another Instagram photo of the clan accompanied by Jordan Davis’s Buy Dirt lyrics. Get paid to do what you love. Donate what you can when you attend church. Pray high and plant your roots firmly in the ground. And grow your family tree. #FamilyofFour #July2022.

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Do You Know How Many Kids Candace Owens Has?

is candace owen pregnant

Owens’s first child, a son, was born in January 2021, just a year before she announced she was expecting again. She tweeted upon the announcement of her birth, “It’s true what they say—the world stops when your child is born.

” 1/13/21 This is my firstborn son,” She then quoted Psalm 127:3: “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a recompense from him.”

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George Farmer, Who Is Candace Owens’s Husband, Is Who?

is candace owen pregnant

George Farmer, the English husband of Olympic athlete Candace Owens, attended and graduated from Oxford. In 2016, he became the youngest person ever to contribute £50,000 annually to the Leader’s Group in exchange for direct access to the Prime Minister. Eight months after the first meeting at the inauguration of Turning Point UK, a right-wing student group in the UK, the couple tied the knot.

After only two weeks of dating, the couple apparently proposed via FaceTime. They had an extremely traditional wedding in August of this year, attended by just close family and friends. The TV host’s social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram, were inundated with well-wishes and a few critical comments from her fans. Mike Fisher, a hockey player, emailed his fans, “Awesome news!” Congrats!” Congratulations!!” said another.

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