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Is Jhene Aiko Pregnant? The Singer Revealed Her Pregnancy on Instagram!

Before the birth of their first child, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko appeared for a breathtaking nude pregnancy shoot. Using an infinity emoji as a caption, the 34-year-old singer announced her pregnancy and shared the steamy photo on Instagram on Thursday. Gold radiated from Aiko’s physique as she and her girlfriend, also 34, embraced, their arms around her bare baby tummy. Sean wrote that he “tried to post this so many times,” adding that he was “thankful for [his] family.”

The couple’s interstellar photo shoot was so well received that fans even commented on it. One social media user said, “Ain’t ever been happy to see someone pregnant,” while another said, “Absolutely lovely.” That is the essence of true love. That internal link.” Aiko’s daughter Namiko is 13 years old, thus she is already a mother. O’Ryan, the younger brother of B2Omarion, K is her ex-teen. boyfriend’s

Aiko Posted on Instagram that They Had Broken Up?

jhene aiko pregnant

Sean and her relationship began in 2016, but by 2018, their work together in Twenty88 seems to have broken down. In 2019, Aiko posted on Instagram that they had broken up.
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After a listener speculated that she had dissed the “I Don’t F-k With You” rapper on an album, she responded, “I and Sean are okay.” Aiko said, “I adore him a lot.” My upcoming album consists entirely of freestyle in which I discuss various topics and prospective relationships.

The Grammy nominee had just concluded, “I know you all enjoy the drama and would like to assume everything I do or say is about him,” but she had also experienced “enough of other things and circumstances” from which to draw inspiration when writing music. Have a pleasant day. After being spotted out and about in Beverly Hills this summer, PEOPLE verified that the couple is expecting their first child together.

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Her Instagram Announcing Her Pregnancy.

jhene aiko pregnant

The pair is “overjoyed” and “looking forward to this next phase,” a representative for Aiko told PEOPLE. The singer and Big Sean, 34, have been associated romantically since 2016, and they frequently work together on musical projects. The rapper posted many adorable pictures of Aiko’s growing baby bulge on Instagram on Monday.

“Things are shifting in the third trimester. Much Appreciation! 🤲🏾🖤🌍✨,” Big Sean captioned the collage, which featured photographs of Aiko with a brown bikini, conical hat, and a flower set behind her left ear, paddling in the ocean in a retro way.

Other pictures and a video showed the pair embracing in the surf with Big Sean unwinding in a white shirt and brown leather leggings. Aiko was also seen in a red bikini and multicolored sarong, gently petting a cat. Jhene just posted a dreamy photo shoot to her Instagram announcing her pregnancy.

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Their Photograph

Jhene Aiko Pregnant?

She appeared naked in front of a lightning bolt backdrop for the artsy photograph. A larger image of Earth was placed behind the performer as she cradled her stomach. She didn’t say a word, just tossed out an emoji of a shooting star, and the post was liked almost two million times. The child will be Big Sean’s first and Aiko’s second. Namiko is the daughter she had with singer O’Ryan, and she is now 13 years old.

Jhene continued her post with another outtake from the surreal photo shoot with her boyfriend.
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He got down on the floor with her, stripped down to show off his six-pack, and put a loving palm on her stomach. She resorted to the usage of an emoji in her caption, this time the figure eight infinity symbol, to convey her meaning.


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