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Robin Wright Breakup? Why Does Robin Wright Bid Her Husband Clément Giraudet Goodbye?

In this video, Robin Wright says goodbye to her husband, Clément Giraudet. According to TMZ, the “House of Cards” star filed for divorce from her husband of four years, a Saint Laurent executive, last Thursday. Documents obtained by the site revealed that Wright had stated July 31 as the date of separation and had cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason.

Apparently, the “Princess Bride” star said that “all assets are his/her separate property” when asked about the post-nuptial arrangement between her and her former husband. Wright, who is now 56 years old, has also chosen to prevent the court from awarding spousal support to either herself or Giraudet, who is 38 years old. Wright reportedly gave irreconcilable differences as the key reason for the breakup and gave July 31 as the date of separation in the article.

Where Are the Stars of “Forrest Gump” Now?

Robin Wright Breakup?

After being linked for the first time a year prior, the Forrest Gump actress and the Yves Saint Laurent executive, both 37, discreetly wed in a private ceremony in August 2018. Wright’s daughter, Dylan Penn, took some photos and posted them to Instagram with the caption, “Weddin vibes,” to commemorate the happy occasion.

One month before their actual wedding, the Princess Bride actress and Giraudet were seen on holiday in Capri, Italy, wearing identical rings, which prompted marriage rumors. The actress gushed about how Wright and Giraudet were dealing with lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak, despite the fact that the couple had kept their romance relatively discreet.

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Penn Recently Finalized His Divorce from Leila George

Robin Wright Breakup?

Wonderfully, we’re still able to get along! During her February 2021 remote taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she said, “Thank God.” “He really enjoys his time in Los Angeles.” Are you kidding me, this is like a dream come true. What exquisite taste [the French] have… and the terrible driving conditions in Los Angeles are driving him absolutely crazy. For some reason, this really baffles him.

A look at some of Hollywood’s messiest divorces Wright has been married multiple times, first to Dane Witherspoon (1986–1988), then to actor Sean Penn (1996–2010), and now to Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Erika Girardi. Dylan Wright, age 31, and the Gaslit star’s son Hopper are Wright’s children.

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Their Relationship

Robin Wright breakup

In spite of the fact that Wright and Penn’s separation occurred about a decade ago (Penn recently finalized his divorce from Leila George), she has refrained from publicly criticizing his paternity. She told Vanity Fair in April 2015, “I’m not in the business of talking about what ‘isn’t. “I’m looking ahead with my whole being, and it’s made me happier than ever before.
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I respect Sean and our two extraordinary children too much to use their past happiness or sadness for profit.
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In her original comment, she reflected, “I feel we were together not only to have our lovely children but to learn how to love.” The correct approach for the next go-around. And last, I’m looking for kindness in other people. The exes have maintained a positive co-parenting relationship, imparting invaluable wisdom to their children Dylan and Hopper. When asked in July 2019 what his mother had taught him about fashion and beauty, Dylan told Us Weekly, “It’s strange to be asked since I’ve always claimed she taught me ‘less is more,’ which I like to stick by most of the time.” But not at all with my jewels! There is no such thing as too much!


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