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Is Keshia Knight Pulliam Pregnant? She Reveals Her Baby Bump Amid Divorce Drama?

Keshia Knight Pulliam hates it when her followers constantly ask her if she’s expecting. claim to On Friday, December 17th, the actress sent a video to her followers in which she discussed her professional life and how, following a hard day of meetings, she and her coworkers decided to make a TikTok.

I can’t believe that at this happy, exciting time, everyone is asking, “Are you pregnant?” To ask, “Are you expecting a child?
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” And I said, “First of all, get your uterus off of me!” She continued, “And it’s crazy because no one knows I’m going through this,” but the video abruptly cut her off.

Is Keshia Knight Pulliam Pregnant?

Is Keshia Knight Pulliam Pregnant?

You never know what someone is going through,” she said in the caption, however she did not specify what she was going through. What I do for a living is a blessing. However, if you’re going through IVF, a loss, or just having trouble conceiving, it might feel like your entire life is being scrutinized.

Many people are curious as to whether or not she and her new husband, actor Brad James, have been attempting to start a family since she remarried him. Pulliam, who has a daughter named Ella Grace Hartwell with ex-husband Edgerton Harwell, has asked her fans and followers to be more respectful and considerate to women during pregnancy.

I can’t wait to start my family again. Please give me and ALL women the freedom to talk about our experiences when we feel ready to do so. In addition, she stated that this is “A tiny behind-the-scenes clip of my personal footage while filming @eggsovereasyfilm” in the caption. The documentary “Eggs Over Easy” delves into the anguish of female infertility.

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After Their Divorce, Are They Getting Married?

Is Keshia Knight Pulliam Pregnant?

Hartwell filed for divorce from Pulliam at the end of last month and asked for a paternity test, despite Pulliam‘s denials that she had an extramarital affair. Hartwell, then 38, told Page Six of the New York Post that Pulliam, then 37, put pressure on him to start a family soon after they got married.
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“She wanted a baby pretty fast, and what I was trying to express to her was that,” he claimed, noting that he believed Pulliam would resort to any methods required to conceive in order to satisfy her need for a child. Indeed, “it was something she sincerely desired to do.” Pulliam stated, “I’ve obviously had a tough week, to say the least, but I’m grateful, I’m here,

I’m well, baby girl is well and, at the end of the day, that is all that matters.” Keshia shared the news that she was expecting a girl in July. Ex-child star announces January arrival of daughter Ella Grace through Instagram. Since announcing her pregnancy, Pulliam has blossomed into a pregnant goddess.


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