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Tulsa Shooting 2022 :Tulsa Police Say Four People Were Murdered in A Shooting at A Medical Facility!

According to officials, at least four individuals were murdered in a shooting on a hospital campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Wednesday evening. According to officials, the shooter is also deceased. Tulsa Police Department Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish stated in a press conference that authorities think the shooter’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

Several others were also hurt, but no one was seriously hurt, according to police Capt. Richard Meulenberg, who spoke to CNN on Wednesday night. Dispatchers got a report of an active shooter just after 4:50 p.m. local time at the Natalie Medical Building, a doctors’ office building on the St. Francis Hospital campus, Dalgleish said.

Officers were on the scene in minutes and made contact with the victims and suspect five minutes later, according to Dalgleish. According to the deputy chief, the cops who arrived heard bullets within the building, which led them to the second story.

Tulsa Police Department (TPD).

“On the second story,” Dalgleish said, “the scene is largely constrained to one portion of that floor.
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According to Dalgleish, at least some of the incidents took place at an orthopedic office on that level. He went on to say that no cops were hurt. Dalgleish added that investigators are interrogating witnesses who were present in the building. He said that one witness was discovered imprisoned in a cupboard.

Police claimed they were “coming close” to identifying the guy, who was armed with a rifle and a pistol, according to Dalgleish. “It seems both firearms were discharged at some time,” the deputy chief stated. According to CNN’s Meulenberg, authorities were contacting the victims’ relatives on Wednesday night.

“It’s a terrible tragedy,” Meulenberg remarked. “I’m really pleased with the cops for arriving so promptly and perhaps preventing more individuals from losing their lives today.” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum thanked the first responders for “not hesitating today to react to this act of brutality.”

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What Exactly Are the First Responders’ Duties?

The mayor said, “The men and women of the Tulsa Police Department did not hesitate.


” According to a police commander who characterized the situation as “catastrophic,” four individuals were murdered in a shooting at a Tulsa medical facility on Wednesday. The gunman, who reportedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, was not among the four persons killed, according to Eric Dalgleish, deputy chief of the Tulsa police department.

The cause of the horrific attack remained unknown. During the incident, however, the unnamed shooter used both a pistol and a rifle, according to Dalgleish. Authorities claimed police arrived three minutes after dispatchers got the call and made contact with the shooter one minute later. Multiple individuals were also injured, according to Capt Richard Meulenberg, and the hospital complex was a “catastrophic sight.”

Shooting at A Tulsa Medical Facility on Wednesday.

Officials from the police department and the hospital said they were not yet ready to identify those who had died. On Wednesday evening, the motivation and circumstances behind the tragic attack were still unknown. During the incident, the unnamed shooter used both a pistol and a rifle, according to investigators.

The governor of Oklahoma issued a statement on Twitter, calling the deaths a “senseless act of violence and hate” and thanking first responders for their “quick and heroic efforts.” “I’ve given Mayor GT Bynum whatever state resources he may need, and I urge all Oklahomans to rally behind the Saint Francis health system community,” Kevin Stitt stated.

The Most Horrific School Shootings in The United States.

The killing is the latest act of gun violence in a country still suffering after last week’s assault in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of 19 students and two instructors in one of the country’s bloodiest school shootings. A shooter in Buffalo, New York, was suspected of killing and shooting ten people at a grocery only days earlier. That gunman was charged with domestic terrorism and murder on Wednesday. Several horrific shootings occurred around the country during the Memorial Day weekend.
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Because of the incident at the Natalie Medical Building, St Francis Health System shut down its campus on Wednesday afternoon. An outpatient surgical clinic and a breast health center are located in the Natalie building. First responders looked to be bringing someone on a stretcher out of the hospital building, according to aerial video from a TV helicopter.

Outside the hospital complex, dozens of police vehicles could be seen, and traffic was blocked down while the investigation was underway. A reunification center was set up at a local high school to help families locate their loved ones. A representative for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives confirmed that agents from the agency were on the scene.

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Taking Huge Weapons from The Trunks.

Tulsa resident Nicholas O’Brien, whose mother was in a neighboring building at the time of the shooting, told reporters that he hurried to the scene.


“They were shoving people out the door.” I’m not sure whether any of them were hurt or if they were harmed as a result of the shooting, but they couldn’t walk very well. “But they were basically swaying and staggering their way out of there,” he said.

“I felt a little jittery. So when I arrived and learned that she [his mother] as well and that the shooter had been shot and was down, I felt a lot better. “What occurred is still horrific,” O’Brien remarked. ‘I simply knew it was a gunshot,’ she says.

Debra Proctor was waiting for a doctor’s appointment in another building on the hospital grounds when she heard police sirens. First responders were queued up everywhere as she went outside, she said to CNN. Proctor, a trained nurse for more than four decades, described the sight as “scary.”

“Police were all over the parking lot and the neighboring blocks,” added Proctor. “They were still on their way when I left.” Kalen Davis, a Tulsa native, was stuck in traffic at about 5 p.m. local time when she saw many police vehicles rushing to the location.

Authorities can be seen sprinting toward a structure with their rifles drawn in a video she shared with CNN. As additional emergency cars come to the scene, two cops are seen grabbing long weapons from their trunks. Davis, 45, told CNN, “I simply knew it was a shooting scenario because I saw cops racing with firearms.” “That’s when I started crying.”


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