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Spotify Blend: How to Create a “Blended” Spotify Playlist with Your Family and Friends!

If you’re hoping to find Spotify’s new Blend playlist option and construct an ideal playlist for you and a friend but aren’t sure where to look, you aren’t alone. You probably saw a prompt for it the last time you launched the app, but it may be buried in menus or otherwise difficult to find. Learn the ins and outs of making Blend playlists on Spotify with this comprehensive guide.

What Are Blend Playlists?

Spotify Blend: How to Create a "Blended" Spotify Playlist with Your Family and Friends!

With Spotify‘s New Blend Function, Two Users May Combine Their Most Recent Musical Preferences to Create a Dynamic, Ever-Evolving Shared Playlist. Blend Playlists Are Shared Between Accounts and Updated Daily Based on User Listening Habits to Ensure Fresh Content. While Creating A Playlist with Someone Song-By-Song Is Fun, Having One that Changes Automatically Does Save You a Lot of Effort.

When You and A Buddy Make a Blend Playlist, You’ll Both Get a Taste Match Score that Indicates how Well Your Musical Interests Align, as well as A Handful of Stylish Infographics that You Can Share on Social Media, Much Like Spotify’s Year-In-Review Wrapped Playlist.

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How to Make a Spotify Blend Playlist?

Spotify Blend: How to Create a "Blended" Spotify Playlist with Your Family and Friends!

  1. The Location of Spotify’s Custom Playlist Options Varies from Time to Time, Making It Challenging to Locate if You Aren’t Familiar with The Service. Once You’ve Got a Few Steps Down Though, Producing a Blend Playlist Is Simple.
  2. Startup The Spotify App on Your Mobile Device (unfortunately, This Function Is Not yet Available on the Desktop) and Select the “search” Tab at The App’s Bottom.
  3.  Find and Tap on The “made for You” Button. Depending on What Spotify Is Advertising at Any Given Time, the Location of This Option May Change, Although It’s Usually Near the Top of The “browse All” Banner.
  4. Open a Blank Playlist by Tapping the Blend Album Art. This Choice Is Currently Displayed Prominently Under “made for You,” but In the Future, It May Be Buried.
  5.  when You Add a New User to A Playlist, Spotify Will Suggest that You Invite Them. Spotify Doesn’t Have Its Own Built-In Messaging System, so After You Tap “invite,” You’ll Be Prompted to Share the App with Your Friends via Another Medium, Such as Sms, Facebook Messenger, Email, Etc.
  6.  if Your Buddy Is Using Spotify, Sending Them the Link to Your Blend Playlist Will Prompt the Spotify App to Open and Ask if They Would Like to Join Your Playlist. as Soon as They Click “join,” a 50-Song Playlist Including a Random Assortment of Music Previously Streamed by Both Users Will Be Generated Automatically.
  7.  when You and A Buddy Create a Blend Playlist, It Will Appear in Your Library Alongside Your Other Saved Playlists. when You Follow the Steps Above, You’ll Arrive at The “made for You” Section, Where You Can See All of Your Blend Playlists

Spotify Blend: How to Create a "Blended" Spotify Playlist with Your Family and Friends!

After Collaborating with My Significant Other and A Few Close Pals, I Made a Few Unique Blend Playlists. Even Though My Girlfriend and I Have Been Together for Seven Years Share an Apartment and A Car and Listen to Each Other’s Music All the Time, I Was Pleasantly Surprised to Find a Few Songs on This Playlist that I Had Never Heard Her Play Before.

In Addition, My College Roommate Casey and I Put up A Blend Playlist. We Used to Be Huge Fans of The Same Bands and Musicians when We Shared an Apartment, but Our Musical Preferences Have Since Diverged.

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How It Compiles These Blend Playlists?

Spotify Blend: How to Create a "Blended" Spotify Playlist with Your Family and Friends!

It’s Awesome to See Our Favourite Hip-Hop Acts Like Drake and Jay-Z Still Making Appearances on The Playlist, Among the Mellower Country and Folk Songs that We Now Listen to On Our Own Time. Then, My Friend and Former Coworker Sokvonny and I Put Together a Mixtape. Our Shared Love of Frank Ocean and Office Grind Lo-Fi Electronic Playlists Has Been a Point of Bonding Since We First Started Exchanging Texts About Kanye West’s Donda Release a Day Ago.

Our Blend Playlist Introduced Me to A New Side of Her Musical Tastes, Including Energetic Electronic Tracks with Catchy Melodies by Musicians I Had Never Heard of Before. and She Found out I’ve Been Sitting Around Listening to Some Sad-Sack Phoebe Bridgers Songs with A Splash of Outlaw Country.

Spotify Doesn’t Specify how It Compiles These Blend Playlists, but It’s Not as Simple as Just Combining the Most Played Songs from Each User. Initially, No Songs from My Side of The Aisle Appeared on All Three Playlists (although There Are Days When They Look More Alike),

and It Appears that An Effort Was Made to Combine the Interests of Two Users Rather than Simply Switching Between the Playlists of Each. The Hope Is that Spotify Will Make This Function More Accessible by Removing It from The Settings Menu. You’ll Have to Hand out Blend Invites Till Then.


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