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How to Use the Instagram “Restrict” Feature and Why It’s Beneficial!

On Wednesday, a brand-new Instagram feature intended to prevent bullying went live. Users can have additional control over the comments that appear on each of their posts by using the “Restrict” option. Instagram users can now “restrict” any selected person, which offers a few, right away advantageous benefits.

All of a user’s subsequent remarks will be hidden from the general public if they opt to restrict any specific user. This only applies to remarks made on articles that have been restricted by the author. In order to make the comments accessible to all users, the user can also opt to approve them.

Who Restricted Them Is Online or Has Received Their Direct Messages

what does restricting someone on instagram do

This method may be most effective when used against persistent bullies who make critical comments on a specific user’s posts. With the technology, Instagram users from other accounts won’t be able to view the bully’s own comment, but they will still be able to see their own. The restricted user won’t be aware when the person who restricted them is online or has received their direct messages, which is an additional benefit.
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According to Instagram, some users might be reluctant to completely block their bullies. In a news statement, the app stated that it had heard from young people in its community who were afraid to block, unfollow, or report their bully since doing so would worsen the issue, particularly if they connect with their abuser in real life.
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Some of these behaviors make it challenging for the target to monitor the conduct of their bully. Now that a bully has been restricted, the user has complete control over the hurtful remarks while keeping the bully in the dark. We wanted to design a feature that would let users manage their Instagram experience without alerting potential targets.

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How Then Can Consumers Utilize the New Feature?

what does restricting someone on instagram do

Users must locate a comment an Instagrammer has made on any of their photos in order to restrict them. There is a “restrict” option when you swipe left over the comment. It appears that the restricted person won’t be informed that they have been silenced. Instead, they will be able to keep writing offensive comments to just themselves.

Instagram has put up anti-bullying suggestions before. Likes on social media platforms may be eliminated by the platform and its parent company, Facebook. According to CNN in August, this would be done in an effort to reduce rivalry for attention on the platforms.

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Instagram’s “Restrict” Concept

what does restricting someone on instagram do

Similar modifications are being made to other social media platforms. The “hide replies” option that Twitter just launched is comparable to Instagram’s “Restrict” concept. On their tweets, Twitter users can now “hide replies.” As a result, they are able to wilfully delete any Twitter user’s comments on tweets they have written.

However, there is a distinction between “Hide Replies” and “Restrict”. The public can still read replies that a Twitter user has hidden. All Twitter users now have the option to view the thread’s concealed comments using a new drop-down menu.


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