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Snapchat: How to Erase Snapchat Messages and Snapchat Now Allows You to Delete Messages!

The ability to manage your privacy and content is one of the features that makes Snapchat a great social networking platform. Yes, individuals can choose whatever content they want to share with their friends and close acquaintances on other websites like Facebook and Instagram. But close pals get a little bit more from Snapchat.

How to Delete Snapchat Messages?

how to delete snapchat messages

It’s no surprise that the service is so well-liked given the presence of Best Friend’s emoticons, a Snapscore, and the option to restrict not only your audience but also what they may do with the content you share. Loyal Snapchat users frequently discover new features and capabilities, but others who are unfamiliar with the program may find it challenging to navigate its user interface.

  • Launch Snapchat.
  • For the Friends page, swipe right across the display.
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  • Decide on the Chat column. All of the chats you have going will be listed for you to see.
  • Send a brand-new message or pick one of your previous messages.
  • Tap the message and hold it to erase it.
  • Choose “Delete.”
  • Users in the group chat or one-on-one conversation can no longer read the message because it has been erased. However, they will note that you have removed a line of text.

The company adds that while it makes an effort to “delete the message from [Snapchat’s] servers and friends’ devices,” “this might not always succeed, as if someone has a terrible internet connection or an old version of Snapchat.”

At least if you want something completely off of Snapchat’s logs and don’t want anyone to see it, it’s a decent privacy tool and appears to comply with the GDPR laws that allow users more control over their data, although it might not always be reliable.

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How to Make Photos Delete Automatically?

how to delete snapchat messages

You’ll note the long-press and erase option isn’t present if you’ve sent a snap.

That’s because, in contrast to messages, they will be deleted by default after a specific period of time. Whether they are deleted immediately after viewing or after twenty-four hours is up to you.

Long-press the contact and select “More,” then carry out the same steps as above:

  • Then select “Delete Chats.”
  • Simply click “After Viewing.”

When you do these actions, the snaps in that chat will be scheduled to disappear when the receiver opens and views the message.


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