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Netizens Claim That a New Photo of Kim Kardashian Has Been Altered in Photoshop to Remove the Trapezius Muscle.

Once again, Kim Kardashian has drawn a lot of criticism for allegedly photo-shopping her trapezius muscle in one of her most recent Instagram posts. The SKIMS founder was accused of slimming down the muscle and avoided releasing the authentic shot on social media by TikTok user Caroline.

The user said in a clip Caroline provided, “Kim K is renowned for photoshopping her traps.” The person then asserted that Kim may have altered her pictures to make her neck appear smaller because the beauty mogul wanted it to happen.

“Why? Maybe it makes her neck appear narrower, I don’t know. Caroline indicated the part of the photograph that had been Photoshopped out, “but this portion here has been removed.” According to the TikTok user, she could see the difference since the pool’s water area near her neck seemed to be “warped” to her.

Kim Kardashian

Caroline demonstrated an unedited behind-the-scenes shot of Kim Kardashian from the same photoshoot and highlighted the difference using a photoshopping tool to corroborate her claim. “We can see that the water pattern behind her has been twisted when we zoom in,” she continued. I’m going to demonstrate how it would appear without any photo editing presently using Photoshop’s liquify tool.

The image started to transform right away as soon as the user started applying the technique to the picture of the beauty mogul. She remarked that the backdrop water starts to look more natural after the twisted effect is eliminated. “As you can see, the backdrop water reflection starts to seem a lot more natural as well; we don’t have that twisted effect,” she continued.


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Caroline then used a screenshot from the behind-the-scenes film of the session to demonstrate the distinction between the edited and unedited photographs.

A flurry of internet users accused Kim Kardashian of exalting unachievable beauty standards in response to the TikTok video. How are they not completely ashamed by some of these photoshops, another person said in response to the question “Why are we photoshopping our shoulders now help”?

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A portion of the internet, meanwhile, didn’t understand why the picture needed to be edited. “I’m trying to figure out why they edited the photograph in the first place,” a netizen wrote. There is nothing wrong with her. “Such a bizarre thing to photoshop imo,” another person said.

Kim Kardashian asserts that her standards for beauty are “attainable.”

According to Hollywood news reports, when asked if she feels “responsible, even guilty, for setting an unrealistic, unattainable beauty standard”, Kim Kardashian insisted that if she’s doing it, “it’s attainable.

” She also added that she always bees herself and the only cosmetic surgery she’s had is Botox, emphasizing that rumors of her lip or cheek fillers or eyelash extensions are all untrue.


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