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How Can You Quickly Connect an I Phone to A Wi-Fi Network and Share Its Password with Another User?

Visitors to your home may ask you for the Wi-Fi password so they may surf the web safely and conserve data from their mobile devices. Apple has now made it simpler to tell others what your Wi-Fi password is using Bluetooth.

The sharing of passwords should be done with caution and discretion. If you’re concerned about security, you may not always want to share your password. In other cases, it’s because entering the password is a major pain.

The Wi-Fi password can be shared between two iOS devices without actually disclosing it if one is already connected to the internet and the other is waiting to connect. To rephrase: your iPhone can act as a wireless access point for another device, letting it connect to your secure network without requiring the user to enter a password.

iPhone Wi-Fi Sharing Instructions.

share wifi password iphone

Is It Possible to Transfer a Wi-Fi Password Between iOs Devices? Yes! Your First Step Is to Guarantee that Both iPhones Are Running the Most Recent Version of iOs. Make Sure You’re Running iOs 11 or Later, as That’s when Apple Added Support for Exchanging Wi-Fi Passwords. Furthermore, You’ll Need to Activate Wireless Connections on Both Gadgets by Switching on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You’ll Need to Enter Your Apple Id and The Apple Id of The iPhone You’re Linking. the Issue Will Be Avoided if They Share an Apple Id. if You Want to Share the Password with A Friend’s iPhone, Though, You’ll Need to Add Each Other’s Apple iDs to Your Contacts.

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How Wi-Fi Connection Is More Reliable the Closer the Devices?

Now that Everything Is Ready, Grab Your iPhone and The Other Device You Intend to Give Access to The Wi-Fi Network. in The Same Way that A Bluetooth Connection Is Strengthened by Proximity, a Wi-Fi Connection Is More Reliable the Closer the Devices Are.

The Following Procedures Must Be Carried out On the Receiving Device:

  • Release the Settings Menu.
  • Choose “Wi-Fi.”
  • Choose the Wireless Network that You Want to Join.

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How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password?

share wifi password iphone

The Host Device Is Now in A Position to Grant Access. if You Want to Do This on That iPhone, Just Keep Reading!

A Window Should Appear Asking if You’d Like to Share Your Wi-Fi.
Simply Click the Send Password Button.

If Another Device Requests Access to The Wi-Fi Network, Your Will Provide It.
There Should Be a Done Button Available when You’ve Successfully Shared the Password.


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