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What Is the Reminder App: How to Use the Reminders App on iPhone, iPad, and Mac Correctly!

The Reminders app has a straightforward goal: to remind you to phone your grandmother at a certain time every week or to give your dog medicine at supper. Even if you haven’t used the app, it has remained on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac for a very long time. However, you might wish to start. In the past few years, Apple has completely redesigned the Reminders app, added additional functionality, and integrated Siri. It easily syncs with all of your Apple devices, making it an incredibly effective work tool. Additionally, unlike many other “to-do list” apps, the Reminders app doesn’t charge a fee to use it to its full potential.

The first thing you should learn if you’ve never used the Reminders app is how to create a reminder; it’s easy. Simply launch the app, choose “Add New Reminder” in the bottom-left corner, and complete the form. After that, all you have to do is specify when (and how frequently) you want to receive reminders. The end of that. You’ll receive a push notification from the app when a reminder is set.

That’s only the basic minimum, though, as the Reminders app is a capable and practical tool. You can highlight some reminders as extremely important, add pictures to particular reminders to provide them with further context, and even add connections to particular websites or apps so that, after you are reminded, you can quickly complete whatever it is you need to do.

How Can I Create a List in The Reminders App on My iPhone?

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With iOS 15, a new function called a Smart List was introduced (and iPadOS 15). It functions like a list that automatically collects all of your reminders from across all of your different lists into a single “smart” list based on the unique criteria you select. Because it automatically groups all past and upcoming reminders that match those specific criteria, it is known as a “smart” list. For instance, you can make a Smart List of all your reminders that are based on a place, are overdue, or are due within a certain time frame, and they will then populate that specific Smart List.

Making a Smart List

  • Launch the Reminders program.
  • In the bottom-left corner, click the “Add List” icon.
  • Name
  • the “Make into Smart List” option.

The list’s parameters can then be chosen, including a time or date range, a variety of locations, or a single tag (see below).

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Utilize Tags in The iPhone Reminder App to Categorize Your Reminders.

It could be challenging to keep track of all your reminders if you have several different types. Apple specifically added its tagging system to the Reminders app for this reason. You may add a hashtag to any reminder (in its description or title), just like in the Notes app, and that reminder will be grouped with all the others that have the same hashtag. (When creating or modifying a reminder, you can also add a tag by using the Tag (#) button.)

The #Errands hashtag, for instance, can be added to a variety of reminders, such as those for picking up the kids, going to the cleaners, and mailing a package at the post office, and they will all be included in the same Errands tag.

Utilize the Reminder App’s Subtasks.

Ever wanted to create a reminder inside of another reminder? The Reminders app refers to this as a subtask. You might, for instance, make the reminder for “Bring ski helmet” a part of the bigger reminder for “Pack for a ski trip.”

Drag and drop the “Bring ski helmet” reminder into the “Pack for ski trip” reminder to accomplish this. As an alternative, you can swipe right on a reminder to make it a subtask for the reminder directly above it. You will then receive push alerts for the subtasks via the Reminders app, just like you would for ordinary reminders.

How Can I Use the Reminder App’s Siri Commands?

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With the Reminders app, Apple has made “Hey Siri” voice requests extremely functional. You only need to say a Siri voice command, such as “Hey Siri, remind me to contact my dad at 7 o’clock this evening.” The recurring command “Hey Siri, remind me to establish my fantasy lineup every Saturday morning at 7:30 am” is one example of a command Siri can understand. The most recent software updates make this rather simple technology perform extremely well. You can also have Siri announce your reminders as they approach if you’re using AirPods or Beats headphones equipped with Apple’s W1 or H1 processors. To make this feature active:

  • Launch the Settings program.
  • Choose the “Siri & Search” tab by scrolling down.
  • Then, click “Announce Notifications.”
  • Make sure the Reminders tab is on “On” by scrolling down.

On iOs, how To Set Location-Based Reminders

You can set up location-based reminders in the Reminders app, which, as the name implies, will remind you of things based on where you are. For instance, you could program a reminder to activate the sprinklers when you get home from work in the evening or to turn on the air conditioning when you get to work in the morning.

You need to do two things in order for these location-based reminders to function. You must enable location services on your iPhone under Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Additionally, you must add your home and work addresses to your card in the Contacts app (My Card, beneath your name > Edit, top-right corner > scroll down to add address), as well as any additional addresses you want location-based reminders for.

When you arrive at a location, you can then set a location-based reminder. Go to a specific task in the Reminders app, tap the I button next to it, choose “Remind me at a location,” and then select a location.

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How to Create Reminders in The iOs Messages App

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You probably use the Messages app, also known as iMessage, a ridiculous amount every day, and you can make the Reminders app work with it as well. The Messages app, for instance, allows you to set up a reminder that will notify you when you message a certain person.

As a result, every time you read a message from your parent, the Reminders app will prompt you to send a picture of your child (their grandchild). Open the Reminders app, navigate to the task you want to be reminded of, tap the I button next to it, choose to Remind me when messaging from the menu that appears, and then select the contact’s name.


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