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Shoppers Grab Last-minute Ingredients for Thanksgiving

CONNECTICUT, NORWALK – on the day of Thanksgiving, buyers are scooping up necessities.

According to CBS2, Stew Leonard’s stores in New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut will have their highest levels of traffic during the Thanksgiving holiday ever.

Tony Aiello of CBS2 spoke with last-minute buyers to learn what they were planning to buy.

A swarm of carts, a mountain of pies, and is it safe to bring up the turkey? There will be over 2,000 sales at each Stew Leonard’s location in the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

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According to Britt Tavello of Stew Leonard’s, “we feel like after the pandemic and everything, families are getting back together, bigger gatherings, and we’re seeing that here with over 4,000 catering orders.”

The business bakes 250,000 snowball rolls for the season, and each customer receives a bag of them with their order.

Many people in Norwalk rushed around to buy any necessary but forgotten items.

Sour cream and cheddar cheese, Italian bread,” Angie Oboy stated while out shopping. A “little mishmash,” as the saying goes.

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Many of Jose Filipe’s clients in New Rochelle prepare meals with a soul food mindset, making fatback and other components popular impulse buys.
Filipe mentioned stuffing, roasting pans, and collard greens.

Dessert tonight will be a sweet potato pie, made by Kevin Miller. So what is his special ingredient?

“Everything is based on affection.
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I’m sorry, but that’s all I can give you “This is what he had to say, he explained.
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Everything on the menu in Aiello’s house is created from scratch, with the exception of the heat-and-eat mashed potatoes, which are allegedly a Thanksgiving hack embraced by many families.

Both of the stores the Aiellos checked out this week were out. There is, according to Adrienne Cole, “no guilt in taking a shortcut.”

“Not at all. It’s all fair game. All that matters is that people are content “To quote Cole:

The items on the table are crucial. Even more, so is the company one keeps at one’s dinner table. Get your stomachs rumbling and your thanksgiving on.


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