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Rusty Bowers Alone Tells Exactly What Occurred in Arizona when In the World of Washington!

This morning, House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Democrat from Arizona, told a congressional panel that he was under pressure from the Trump administration and its allies, including Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
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According to Bowers’ testimony, Giuliani alleged that illegal aliens or deceased voters had perpetrated voter fraud.

Republican legislators, including Bowers, asked Giuliani to present sufficient evidence to justify recalling the state’s presidential electors, he claimed. On the record, Bowers recalls Giuliani saying: ‘We have many theories, but we lack the data to support them.'”

Who Is Russell Rusty Bowers?

 rusty Bowers Alone Tells Exactly What Occurred in Arizona when In the World of Washington!

Bowers Is an American Politician and The Current Speaker of The Arizona House of Representatives, Russell “rusty” Bowers (born October 20, 1952). Since 2015, He Has Been a Member of The Republican Party and Represents the 25th District in The State Legislature. in 2019, He Was Elected Speaker.

Bowers Served as A Member of The Arizona House of Representatives from 1993 to 1997, and As a Member of The Arizona Senate from 1997 to 2001. as An Artist, He Specializes in Watercolor, Oils, and Sculpting;

He Has Also Been Involved in The Art, Construction, and Education Fields. Bowers Submitted Paperwork to Run for The 10th District of The Arizona Senate in February 2022. in The Republican Primary, He Will Faces Dave Farnsworth.

The Arizona Senate in February 2022.

Rusty Bowers alone tells exactly what occurred in Arizona when in the world of Washington

A Unilateral Decision by Bowers, as Giuliani Demanded, Would Recall the Electors Who Would Have Gone to President Biden if Biden Had Defeated Trump in Arizona, a Move that Bowers Acknowledged He Could Not Make Due to Giuliani’s Pressure.

“I believe that The Constitution Was Inspired by God,” He Continued, Deeply Moved. “I Wouldn’t Do That,” I Said. His Predecessor Asked Him to Investigate Claims of Fraud in Arizona, but The Evidence “wasn’t Worthy of An Investigation,

” the Former President Claimed. “asked Trump and Giuliani, “aren’t We All Republicans Here?” the former New York Mayor Responded: “isn’t that What We’re Here For?” We Should Have a Better Reception, in My Opinion.”

The Former President Claimed.

The Former President Claimed

As Bowers’ Lawyer, John Eastman Pressed for A Legislative Vote to Decertify the State’s Electors, and He Also Placed Pressure on Bowers. According to Bowers, Eastman Tried to Persuade Him to Do It by Asking Him to “just Do It and Let the Courts Figure It Out,” but He Refused.

Bowers told the Committee that His Office Received Over 20,000 Emails, Thousands of Voicemails, and Thousands of Messages from People Who Disagreed with His Decision Not to Recall the Electors.
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In His Family’s Life, “until Lately, It Is a New Trend to Worry About What Would Happen on Saturdays,” He Added.

“due to The Fact that We’ve Had a Variety of Visitors.” Bowers Has Been Accused of Pedophilia and Corruption by Groups that Have Video Vans Accusing Him of These Crimes, Blasting Their Loudspeakers, and Threatening His Neighbors.

He Would Vote for Trump Again in 2024.

“it Was Upsetting,” He Added, Breaking Down in Tears. “it Was Disturbing.”
It’s Hard to Label Bowers a “never Trumper” Like the Two Republicans on The Jan. 6 Committee, Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Asked by The Ap Monday if He Would Vote for Trump Again in 2024, the House Speaker of Arizona Said, “absolutely.”

“I’d Vote for Him Again if He Was the Nominee,” Bowers Remarked. the First Time He Did It, Before to Covid, Was so Terrific for The Country. It Was Fantastic, in My Opinion.” Bowers, on The Other Hand, Was Unfazed. Dec. 4 Was the Date of His Statement, Which Stated, “I Fought Hard to Re-Elect Donald Trump, but I Cannot and Will Not Accept the Proposal that We Violate Present Law to Overturn the Outcome of A Certified Election.”.

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The Recall Effort’s Failure.

The Arizona Senate in February 2022

The Patriot Party of Arizona Initiated a Recall Campaign Against Bowers a Few Months Later. the “vile” Mobile Trucks that Named Bowers a Pedophile Over Loudspeakers Have Been Coming to His House, He Claimed at The Time, and Scaring Our Family and Our Community. He and His Family Now Have “a New Pattern in Our Lives” to Worry About What Will Happen on Saturdays Because of Trump Fans “arguing [with] and [threatening] Neighbors and Me,” Bowers Said Tuesday, Despite the Recall Effort’s Failure.

However, Bowers Went on To Utilize an Uncommon Legislative Maneuver in January 2022 to Kill a Bill that Would Have Given the State Legislature the Right to Reject Election Results. When the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Foundation Announced Its Annual Profile in Courage Award Just a Few Months Later, He Was One of The Five Awardees.

In a Statement, Bowers Stated, “I Am Grateful for This Distinction but Cannot Help but Feel Undeserving of It. for Those Elected to Serve, “honoring One’s Oath and Respecting One’s Constituents Is Not a Heroic Act—it Is the Minimum that Arizonans Should Expect from elected officials.”


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