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Who Is John Eastman: The California Lawyer Who Was Arrested on January 6th?

The House January 6 panel is likely to examine the role of John Eastman, a once-obscure legal professor who rose to prominence in Trump’s inner circle ahead of the Capitol riot by advocating dubious legal techniques to keep Trump in the Oval Office, during its Thursday hearing.

Who Is John Charles Eastman?


An American Lawyer, John Charles Eastman (born April 21, 1960[2]) Is a Co-Founder of The Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, a Public Interest Law Practice Linked with The Conservative Think Tank Claremont Institute.  He served as Dean and Professor at Chapman University’s School of Law, Where He Was Also a Professor.  He Ran for The Office of California Attorney General in 2010 and The 34th Congressional District of California in 1990 Both as A Republican. He Served as Clarence Thomas’s Law Clerk at The Supreme Court.

Eastman Was a Member of The Efforts to Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election in The United States.  on January 5, 2021, During President Trump’s Final Efforts Before the Certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College Victory, Eastman Falsely Told Vice President Mike Pence that Pence Had Constitutional Authority to Reject the Certification. Eastman’s Argument Was Rejected by Pence.

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Republican Senator Mike Lee.

to Maintain Trump in Power, Eastman Gave Republican Senator Mike Lee a Six-Point Plan for Pence to Remove the Electors from the Seven States, Which Lee Refused. on The Eve of The 2021 Attack on The Us Capitol, Eastman Delivered a Speech at A Trump Rally at The White House on January 6, 2021.

A Conservative Think Tank’s Founding Director of Constitutional Law Supplied Legal Counsel to President Trump After He Lost the 2020 Election to Eastman, Who Founded the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence. He Played a Key Role in Promoting the Idea that There Were Legal Avenues to Overturn the Outcome. on Behalf of Trump, He Submitted a Brief to The Supreme Court in December Disputing Biden’s Victory in Texas. Despite the fact that The Case Had Been Dismissed by The Court, Eastman Persisted.

Final Arbitrator”


It Was Believed by Some in Late 2020 that The Vice President Was the “final Arbitrator” of Elections, with The Authority to Delay Congress’ Counting of Electoral College Ballots. When Pence Lawyer Greg Jacob and Retired Conservative Judge J. Michael Luttig Appeared Before the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 16, They Repeatedly Undermined Eastman’s Idea that The Vice President Has Constitutional Authority to Reject States’ Electors or Delay the Certification of Ballots.

Pence Could Retain Trump in Power in Two Ways, According to Eastman, in The Days Running up To Jan. 6. It Is Possible that He May Either Reject the Electors and Their Votes Outright, or He Might Delay the Certification for 10 Days, Allowing State Legislatures to Send Trump-friendly Electors for A Subsequent Count. Both Jacob and Luttig Testified in Front of The Committee that Both Options Were Illegal, and Jacob Stated Pence Never Examined Either Option at All. Aguilar Also Sent a Memo from Eastman in October in Which He Explicitly Said that These Routes Were Illegal.

Politically Palatable.

john eastman

The Second Option Might Be More “politically Palatable,” According to Jacob’s Testimony, and Eastman Moved Back and Forth on That, Too. Jacob Believed that The 10 Days Would Be Enough Time for The Move to Gain Public Favor. Although Pence Refused to Listen to Eastman’s Ideas up To Jan. 6, Eastman Kept up The Pressure on The Problem.

At Trump’s Rally on January 6, Eastman and Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Both Spoke Before Rioters Made Their Way to The Capitol. He and Jacob Kept in Touch via Email During the Siege. A Letter Written by Eastman to Jacob Stated that “the siege Is Because You and Your Employer Failed to Allow This to Be Broadcast Publicly so That the American People May Witness for Themselves What Transpired.”

Eastman to Persuade Vice President Biden.

A Second Attempt Was Made by Eastman to Persuade Vice President Biden to Withhold Certification After the Rebellion Prolonged the Count Beyond the Requirements of The Electoral Count Act. A Few Days Ago, in An Email to Vice President Pence, He Pleaded with The Vice President: “now that We Have Demonstrated that The Electoral Count Act Is Not as Sacrosanct as You Have Made It out To Be,” Pence Wrote.

It Was Disclosed by The Committee that Eastman Emailed Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani a Few Days Afterward, Seeking to Be Added to Any List of Potential Pardonees. Eastman Was Subpoenaed by The Committee as Part of Its Inquiry Because of His Involvement in The Post-Election Efforts to Keep Trump as President. However, Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-California, Said at The June 16 Meeting that He Cited the 5th Amendment’s Rights Against Self-Incrimination for 100 Questions.

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Provide the Committee.

who is john eastman1

In Addition, He Originally Refused to Provide the Committee with A Large Number of Documents It Had Sought. a Judge Ordered Him to Free Them, and He Did so Immediately.

Ginni Thomas, the Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Is a Conservative Activist Who Has Been in Touch with Eastman About how To Overturn the Election in Emails Obtained by The Washington Post on Wednesday. Justice Thomas Was Eastman’s Former Clerk.

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